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Social Media

There is a major focus on social media.

Social media has two uses:

—  entertainment

—  sell goods and services(social media is a form of advertising) 85 more words


More on Media News

Media news is intentionality putting trash into your head because that makes them more money.

Trash as in

—  worthless garbage

—  factless drivel

—  evil ideas and  beliefs… 81 more words


Good And Evil

People do not care(have any concern) about good versus evil.

Their focus is on do I get what I want.

Lie, cheat, steal; it is all okay as long as I get mine. 74 more words


Governments Are Bankrupt

All levels of government are broke.

City, state, local and of course federal.

Out of money.

Have been so for decades.

This means:

—  cuts in governmental services… 75 more words