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Lib Dem's Steve Bradley looks comfortable in front of student body

Written by Charlotte Lightowler

The final candidate to face the students was Liberal Democrat’s Steve Bradley, who hopes to keep the city liberal when Bath’s current MP Don Foster stands down in May after 23 years. 568 more words

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University of Bath announces Living Wage for all hourly-paid staff

Written by Thomas Gane, Online Editor

The University of Bath has agreed to pay the ‘Living Wage’ of £7.85 to hourly campus wages from next week. 503 more words

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Comment: It's high time we get behind weed legalisation

Even if you missed Drugs Live on Channel 4 earlier this month, you have likely seen a video of Jon Snow having his soul “wrenched from body” while pulling the whitey of the year. 658 more words

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Comment: It's time to stop the tax on periods

Written by Marral Shamshiri 

Periods are annoying. Exuding blood and uterine tissue out of your vagina for a week is a massive inconvenience. Awful tummy cramps remind you it’s that time of month again. 540 more words

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Comment: India can - and will - change for women

Written by Alisha Lobo

In light of the recent International Women’s Day and the release of the BBC documentary ‘India’s Daughter’, the debate on Indian women’s rights has resurfaced. 625 more words

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Freedom of speech at Bath could be damaged by new terror laws

Written by Benjamin Butcher, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

The University of Bath is likely to update its Freedom of Expression guidelines in light of the Counter Terrorism and Security Act which was passed on 12th March. 676 more words

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Bath students step-up challenge to remove 'period tax'

Written by Ramiye Thavabalasingam, News and Comment Editor 

The University of Bath Students’ Union is campaigning to remove the 5 per cent value-added tax on feminine hygiene products in Fresh, the campus shop. 703 more words

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