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An open letter to University of Bath Students' Union

Dear University of Bath Students’ Union,

On March 28th, student activists from all over the UK will come together to march in support of free education. 498 more words

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A guide to surviving the SU elections

You will have undoubtedly noticed that a few things are different on campus. Banners are everywhere, strange people are constantly accosting you, and there’s a zoo’s worth of those really ‘fun’ animal onesies showing what ‘bubbly’ people the future Students’ Union officers are. 509 more words

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Hello world! ... ¡Hola mundo!

Hello and welcome to my blog: (versión española más adelante)

I am experimenting with a WordPress Blog to see if it will serve as a distribution method for my newsletters, and news items. 300 more words

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Comment: homeless in Bath need our support

Written by Nia Templeman, RAG Week co-ordinator

The hardest part about coming back to university after the Christmas break was leaving the comfort of home. There really is no place like home. 499 more words

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Comment: have students become customers?

Written by Simon O’Kane

I recall attending a joint meeting hosted by the campus trade unions and Bath SU back in 2012, with then SU President David Howells and the late Marie Morley among the speakers and Des Freedman, co-editor of The Assault on Universities: A Manifesto for Resistance as the keynote. 714 more words

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Comment: Let students learn from their mistakes

Written by John Barlow, bite Editor

Starting this year, College and 6th form students are moving away from modular exams with four separate exam periods and towards a 2 year course with one final exam encompassing the entire syllabus. 546 more words

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Comment: UK needs policies, not personalities

Written Liam Gowing, 

What do politicians fear most? Recessions? Scandals? Global catastrophes? Any of these things is perfectly understandable. But a bacon sandwich? Perhaps less so. 793 more words

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