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PhD graduates offered on-the-job teacher training

Written by Liv Hows

The second round of applications for a new on-the-job teacher training programme is now being offered exclusively to researchers who have completed a doctorate, or who are in the process of finishing their PhD. 382 more words

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Ben Howlett: the Tory challenging Lib Dems in Bath

Written by Rhys Harry, 

Sorry, that was Downing Street on the phone.” This remark by Ben Howlett, the Conservative Party’s parliamentary candidate for Bath, would usually signify a sense of entitlement and of condescension. 676 more words

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Meeting Lib Dem candidate for Bath: 'Vote Lib Dem or get Tory'

Written by John Barlow, bite Editor

The Liberal Democrats are in an interesting position in the run up to the general election. According to IPSOS MORI the party is polling at 6%, the lowest in 25 years. 715 more words

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Meeting Bath's Green candidate: 'No one dislikes the Green Party'

Written by Ramiye Thavabalasingam, News & Comment Editor

Canvassing in Oldfield Park, Dominic Tristram – the Green Party’s parliamentary candidate for Bath – found himself reminiscing about student life, as well as the time he spent living in the area when he first moved to the heritage city fifteen years ago. 704 more words

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Comment: Not voting won't start a revolution

Written by Dan Whale

All parties these days are the same, it doesn’t matter which one you vote for.’ Nope, that’s just silly.

First things first, I actually think Russell Brand is quite funny. 649 more words

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Comment: Is the experience at Uni of Bath worth it?

Written by Marco Scozzafava, Sports Editor-elect

Earlier this month saw Bath win bragging rights over all other universities in the country as a Times Higher Education survey found that Bath offered the “best student experience”. 688 more words

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Don Foster: So long, and thanks for all the fees

Written by Thomas Gane, Online Editor

Don Foster has been the MP for Bath for longer than most of the current students have been alive and he leaves the seat in a very similar position to how he found it. 687 more words

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