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Apostate Presbyterian Church USA Voting on Redefining Marriage | Christian News Network

The corruption of the Word of God to soothe the itching ears of man. What you don’t hear about is how their membership rolls are dropping as a consequence. 27 more words

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Europe Without Jews?

Think of the cultural and societal impact if/when they are gone. What about the balance of power and society’s norms?


William W. Lee
“What is a nation without borders?
A wasteland.”

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Islamic State murders 15 Christian hostages, beheads woman; 35 Christian villages now entirely uninhabited

What are we doing about it?
What do we intend to do about it?
Because our “President” thinks we shouldn’t get involved. Why else? 107 more words

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NESARA- REPUBLIC NOW - GALACTIC NEWS: "To the Shores of Tripoli"

Don’t you realize we, the United States, fought Islam TWO HUNDRED YEARS ago?
Listen to the Marine Hymn. What do you think they are referring to in that phrase, “to the shores of Tripoli”? 42 more words

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