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Education Secretary Threatens Parents Who Opt Out, Implies It's Racist

Just who do you think has the ultimate authority over the education of YOUR child? You?
Your State Government?
Or the Federal Government?
Well guess what. 23 more words

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BREAKING: What Trey Gowdy Just Said About Benghazi Probe Could Mean Double Trouble For Hillary

She’ll duck, dodge, and evade to the best of her ability. But Trey didn’t develop a history of never losing a case when he was a prosecutor for no reason. 17 more words

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Denmark passes law banning bestiality

There may be some out there who may want to know. Denmark is now “Off Limits.”


William W. Lee


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» Miami Police Set to Launch Federally-Funded Pre-Crime System Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on f or your mind!

Based on statistical numbers the computer predicts the likelihood of a particular type of happening in a particular area. If it is accurate, doesn’t it make sense then to position the necessary forces in the areas indicated to prepare for what is likely to happen? 25 more words

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