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Cheesy, Fat, Selfish Stereotypes

Gossip girl life, Mcdonald and KFC everyday, you are looser if you don’t have Apple stuff,low cut shirt girls .etc.

What am I talking about? 958 more words


Oh my! I was on American TV!

16:40 International Club

Guest Speaker to announce 46th Annual Feast Of Nations. In previous posts, I covered details of the event so you could check the post to get idea why this is such a big deal in Duluth. 23 more words


Does raw tofu freaks you out?

“I get freaked out by raw tofu”

“Raw Tofu? Why?”

“Because it is just like moving everywhere! ugh”

Very interesting conversation I had with my summer roommate. 574 more words


K-Woman VS. Food

저번주 목요일 우리는 하우스파티겸 바베큐 파티를 했다. 비가 억수로 오던 날, 영문 모를 누군가가 또는 바람이-아니겠지만 앞마당에 있는 그릴 뚜껑을 가져간 후 돌려주지 않는 바람에 우리는 옆집의 그릴을 잠시 *빌려야* 했다. 615 more words