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Let him keep the deep drives in his own guts from going into action.
Let him keep still, not looking, not hearing.
Let him sit still like a corpse, with the dragon power alive all around him. 30 more words


No time wasters please

Visitors often ask if they can:

  1. Take a free lesson
  2. Watch the class
  3. Seek medical advice
  4. Have a chat about tai chi

Unfortunately we do not offer these options. 44 more words

Newcastle Tai Chi

Sifu Waller spent about 2 hours re-creating our website this morning:


There is now a quick site in addition to the full site.

It caters for busy people who just want to skim; less text, fewer options, less info & smaller pictures. 8 more words

Tai Chi

Smaller website

We have offered content rich tai chi resources on-line for the last 2 decades but this year has been a year of withdrawing from the web. 112 more words

Newcastle Tai Chi

An opportunity to learn tai chi properly

A class member has access to exclusive training opportunities, knowledge, skills and resources:

• Fully-differentiated syllabus
• Address individual health concerns & training requirements
• DVDs… 68 more words

Newcastle Tai Chi

Central equilibrium

‘Central equilibrium’ is the 13 posture of taijiquan and requires continuous study.
Our understanding of what the term means must evolve relative to our understanding of the art. 116 more words

Newcastle Tai Chi

Those who lack wisdom are convinced that they are truly awake;
they think they understand what is happening;
they think that the king is really the king, 8 more words