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Meditation - how to jump start your practice: Emeliene

Meditation is a form of physical practice that involves an individual entering an altered state of consciousness via various methods. It is a practice that not only has magical/spiritual benefits, and acts as a stepping stone into exploring higher consciousness or trance work, but has real measureable health and well being benefits. 642 more words


Associations in the modern context: Emeliene

Often times, when you’re trawling the Internet,  you’ll come across writing that calls for specific things in specific orders. You’ll read in books that x equals y and should never be used for z. 287 more words


Crystals 2: Emeliene

Some more common crystals

Calcite: similar to aventurine in that it has many colours and often has inclusions. Calcite is what I describe as ‘the waxy stone’ and has a very particular feel to it (in terms of how it physically feels). 223 more words


New beginnings.

It has been several years since we started this blog and it didn’t go so well the first time. I thought we might try again!, as a place to host our workshops or lessons that can be posted online. 163 more words


January|Books, Movies, Comics

Starting this year I am going to be doing another monthly post with a list of books, comics, movies, etc that are set to be released that I am looking forward to. 135 more words


New This Month - December 2014

Here is a list of new releases coming out this month so that you can plan ahead.

December 2nd

Pretty Little Liars: Vicious by Sara Shepard… 368 more words

How to Clear a Blocked Nose with Acupressure

Acupressure is a needle-free alternative to acupuncture and can be very effective.  As published in Essentials on 1st December 2014, acupressure to the acupuncture point LI20 (this translates from Chinese to ‘welcome fragrance’) can help to unblock the nose and restore a sense of smell, which is very helpful at this time of year. 117 more words

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