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Sarah & Iain - Newborn Session


Today I’m sharing with you Sarah & Iain’s newborn session.
Sarah was booked in for baby Jack’s newborn session because again I needed another newborn model to practise some more from my newborn training. 47 more words

What I Never Expected About Motherhood

My daughter will be a year old this month. Part of me can’t believe that my tiny little girl is already a (tiny) 1-year-old. And there’s another part of me that can’t believe that she isn’t already in kindergarten because I don’t remember what our lives were like before she was part of them. 552 more words


Bottom of the Barrel 

I have days where I simply feel worn down and defeated. It often happens on Friday evening after the busy workweek and sleepless nights. I am exhausted and there’s not a whole lot left of me to give. 258 more words

Real Life

Focus on thankfulness 

Today, as has been the norm for the past three months, I woke up feeling so tired and in need of more sleep. As I stood in the bathroom just having taken off my glasses, I buried my head into my hands and cried. 492 more words

Moments In Life

A little (because we are tiny people don't forget...) update on the Jones crew

Hello Friends ~ we are so close to Friday!!

Dustin and I went to a birthing class last weekend that was put on by the hospital where we are going to have Lucy. 860 more words

Eighteen Months

After a year and a half, we’ve found a routine that works well for all of us, even though there are still days when I expect Gus to zig and, boom!, he zags. 452 more words


Is it right to charge a woman with "attempted murder" before abandoning her newborn baby?

It will be hard for many of us to know what goes on inside the head of a woman (or even, girl) that carries a baby for nine months, then abandons it at birth, or shortly afterwards. 302 more words