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32 Week Update

Hello :)

When this baby is born i’m going to bite it right on the butt. Yes, you read that correctly. I am going to bite my infant directly on the bum with my adult human teeth. 359 more words

First Time Mum

Movie Monday | Won't you be our Neighbors?

I think the reason I liked Neighbors so much was illustrated by the first few scenes in the movie. (and the fact that the main character’s name is Mac!) The call to go out by your not-yet-with-kids friends… The realization that, hey, we can just… 445 more words

Fertility Chair, Jerusalem

Just a few months ago, we weren’t getting pregnant…and we were surprised, and sad, and confused, and all the feelings that everyone has…when fate seems so crushing. 494 more words

Family Life

Why Choose a Birth Doula

What Is A Doula? A doula is a professional (non-clinical) labor companion who:
  • Maintains continuous, focused attention on the woman in labor throughout the birth process…
  • 176 more words
New Parents

11 Baby Products That You Can Easily Do Without

I am a mother. Twice over. I started my journey on this thankless road almost 10 years ago and I find I AM STILL trying to get rid of things that I bought when my oldest was born. 1,044 more words


Stop Making it Seem Like Working Moms Have it Easy

My social media has been flooded the past few days with Stay at Home Mom posts.  Blog articles stating the disadvantages to being a SAHM.  Facebook posts about how hard they have it. 822 more words