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What the... mommy?!

“First-time, confused, Asian mommy from The Islands now living in The Bay” pretty much covers my story. The Hubs works and I am left to care for my Little Dawn and most times she’s asleep, which gives me time to work on a lot of mommy stuff that makes me go, … 76 more words


6 weeks of motherhood 

I’m now 6 weeks into being a first time mommy ! Wow is it crazy ! When he first came into my arms I was in shock and in love ! 179 more words

New Mommy

He's Here!

Joseph Matthew was born on March 6th, 2015 at 9:13AM—weighing in at 10 pounds, 6 ounces and measuring 21 inches long!

He’s two weeks tomorrow, and I just can’t believe it. 60 more words


Yes, I'm the fairest (skinned) of them all...

I used to hate the way I looked.

That I’m pale and can’t tan. That I’m not super skinny. That my thighs are thick. That I have freckles. 380 more words

San Diego

First-Time Mommy Musings

My husband and I found out we’re expecting a little one just a few months ago. We haven’t had our first prenatal appointment yet but based off of my cycles, our wee one will arrive sometime this summer. 88 more words

Mommy Musings

There's Too Much Information!

I’m the type of gal who will follow a few magazines on Facebook. It’s just easier because I am able to read just the articles that catch my eyes. 180 more words


Lost in Translation: Mom in Tokyo


Thank GOD, the parcel was out but I was scared. Dead scared that they were sending us home alone with something about which we hardly knew much. 663 more words