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Coming Soon!

This blog is for my experiences as I become a mother for the first time. In just five weeks, at the young age of 21, I’ll be meeting my little fox cub. 106 more words

I am not the next Masterchef

We’re all settled in to the new house, well, with the exception of the bedrooms that we are in the process of the nursery which we still need to paint, but really, no rush on that since baby sleeps in the room with me anyway. 344 more words


4 weeks, 5 days to go

I’m sitting here thinking, will my life ever be the same again? I know the answer is a big fat “no”, but how much will my life change once the baby comes? 167 more words

Baby Bump

Breastfeeding coworker comes into my office to pump and chat

Lots of pregnancy/motherhood/mommy questions lately!

One of my coworkers recently came back from maternity leave and has decided that she’s comfortable enough with me to park herself in my office, close the door, and pump away, all the while chatting with me. 227 more words

We Survived Our Two Month Shots

Keelan got his two month check-up and first round of shots this week and it went a lot better than I thought. I read a ton of horror stories first, so I was prepared for the worse. 131 more words

New Mommy

Little Lord S#%t Pants

Parenting is hard. There are days that I just want to curl up into a ball and cry myself to sleep. But I survive. Sometimes even thrive. 641 more words

Two Months and Growing Fast

Hard to believe I have a two month old! It has gone by in a crazy blur. I’ve been able to get a little more done with him in daycare, but I don’t want to leave him in too long so I feel like I’m always rushing back to get him. 209 more words

New Mommy