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I didn't want to vaccinate my baby

I knew that would get everybody’s attention! Calm down…it’s not what you think. And no, I do not want to start a debate because I know that people have differences of opinion when it comes to vaccinations. 462 more words

San Diego

On Baby's First Year And Friends

I have some really great friends.  And by great friends, I mean- the best.

A lot of people think that having great friends means that you see them and talk to them all the time, but we are actually quite the opposite.   472 more words


Saving Money $$$

As any normal couple with an unplanned pregnancy, saving money is really going to become key in order to make our lives easier. Especially because I will not be making a salary for three months at minimum. 172 more words

Little Sandhills Family

My name is Renee. I live in the middle of the Nebraska Sandhills with my fiance Gary. We were blessed with a tiny human named Jakob on January 1st of this year. 391 more words

Just another Sunday night

I was told this would become the “new normal.” Boy, were they right. Four loads of laundry later, we’re starting to wind down for the night. 209 more words


It's okay...

The first few weeks after Amelia Mae was born, I was so stressed out because my house was in disarray and I didn’t feel organized like I usually am. 261 more words

San Diego

The End of Maternity Leave

My maternity leave is over and it feels like it just barely started.  I am truly envious of those in countries where mothers are given ample time to spend bonding with the new babies in their families.   727 more words