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Dear new mom

Dear New Mom,

Congratulations! Welcome to the club. Birth was a crazy beautiful experience, wasn’t it? You’ve spent months feeling this little person move inside you and now you’re holding that tiny being and seeing them move and hearing them cry. 963 more words

Bald Hair.....Help:( 

I believe I deleted my last post on accident. I really want to document me loosing my mind and chopping all of my hair off. I typically have long blonde hair, my natural is almost black. 101 more words


Getting the hang of taking care of me again!

Yes I am not a good writer as I’m sure you have noticed. I write like I am talking to you. Choppy, and kind of ADD jumping from one subject to another. 443 more words

First Time Mom

Hi there, new mom here.

I have so many ideas for blog posts, and I’m really excited to write them now that we’re tackling a little bit of sleep training around here and I will have time (and hands) in the evenings to write.   878 more words


New to this...


First off, let me introduce myself. I’m mommarch, like monarch, but a mommy. Actually, first time mommy. I am currently 5 months pregnant and needed something to spend time on that doesn’t require dodging cigarette smokes, crazy partying people, and just the normal every day things that a pregnant lady shouldn’t be around. 576 more words


"You Like Me...You Really Like Me!"

I’m a little worried because Queen Aej on Conquering My Own Castle, nominated me for an award: Liebster Award. She thinks my parenting skills are funny; oh man! 521 more words