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1...2...3... GO!

I ran my first 5k of 2015 a couple of weeks ago, and it was kind of rough. But then again, the only thing I did to prepare was run… once. 893 more words

The New Mama Foe: The Young Single Guy

It is not easy being a new parent, so we do not need the added stress that the young single guy can bring upon us. Instead of talking in vagueries (Thank you Temple Grandin.), I will give a very specific example. 263 more words

First Night Out!

So this post is about a Saturday night (a few months back) when hubby and I for the first time since the baby was born went for night out. 339 more words


9 months into motherhood 

The funny thing about having a nine-month-old is that you’ve had exactly as much time to bond with your small human inside of you as you’ve had with her outside of you. 413 more words


Happy Memorial Day

Just a lazy Memorial Day — hanging in my old sweats and Willie Nelson onesie.

I’m happy now, but plan to get belligerent and milk drunk by noon. 8 more words

A Birth Story

I can’t believe my sweet baby girl is already 1!!! In honor of her birth, I present her Birth Story:

Truly, I am surprised that I have not written this sooner. 2,404 more words


Letting Go 

Before I was a parent I was all about lists and getting stuff done. I needed to complete my lists to feel as though I’d achieved what I needed to for that day/week/weekend. 329 more words