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Baby Blues

Dari pas hamil kebayang sih orang macem gue ini nantinya pasti Baby Blues, terlalu drama soalnya si Woro ini :lol: . Kebetulan BabyR lahir hari Senin, jadi dari Sabtu gue uda full 24 jam sama Rafdi. 341 more words


Little Did I Know...

I am starting this blog, because I just can’t keep silent anymore. All the “mommas” out there are driving me insane. And I’m pretty sure my friends don’t want to hear my ranting. 523 more words

Frustrated Mom

"Maybe You Should See Someone"

Today I met an old friend for lunch. It was so great to catch up and see her. We hadn’t seen each other since Michaela was born. 370 more words

Stillbirth Blog

Temper Tantrums In Public 

Have you ever gone somewhere with a perfectly behaved child one second, and the next you feel as if you would have been better off taking Godzilla rather than them? 283 more words

10 Things To Know About Being a New Mom

In the weeks leading up to Lucy’s birth, I really wasn’t worried at all. I had it all covered. While I was pregnant I researched all things baby, I read all the articles, all the books, and lived on Babycenter. 608 more words


Knocked up??

When my husband and I decided we would have children it was after we had been together as man and wife for some time.  I wanted to have that special time between the two of us because I knew that our lives would change forever when we had kids.   1,050 more words

The Most Meaningful Thing You Can Do For Your Kid

I have been debating for quite some time what I wanted my first “official” blog to be about for this site. Ideas have raced through my mind for a while now. 3,471 more words

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