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Bible Verse Of The Day- "Who Is Your Counselor?"

Ever notice when you turn on the television there are constant chatter about celebrities and what’s going in their lives. From going through a divorce to walking down the street. 107 more words


Bible Verse Of The Day- "Rest Your Hope In the Lord"

When trouble comes your way, where do you put your trust ? Do you focus on the circumstances, family, friends, or even anyone that listens? When we rest our soul in the Lord, He immediately steps in and start to make things right. 148 more words


Bible Verse Of The Day- "Troubles Comes In Different Faces"

I was reminded this week that troubles comes in different ways. Through circumstances outside of your control, relationships that should matter or just through our normal typical day. 136 more words


Bible Verse Of The Day- "Walk In The Sight Of The Lord"

So many people today just act, or react, based on their emotions or circumstances.
They let the world around them determine how they should feel or what they should do. 110 more words


Bible Verse Of The Day- "The New Is Here"

Just close your eyes and remember back as a child on Christmas Day waiting eagerly to open your presents under the tree. You didn’t care what it was, you just knew it was so egging new waiting for you. 120 more words


A Few Will Hear.

But Peter, standing up with the eleven, raised his voice and said to them. Acts 2:13 New King James Version                                                                                                              

When I was a teacher we would always get into discussions about why I live different from other foreign teachers the Chinese students have met. 222 more words


Bible Verse Of The Day- "Success Is Intentional"

During my daily encounters with many people, I always ask the question, “what is your five year plan?” Very few times I get a precise answer and a plan of attack to get to these goals. 130 more words