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The "Spanglish" term is universial. 

The CEA arranged for us the Tandem Language Exchange with Costa Rican students. We get to practice our Spanish with them, and they get to converse in English with us. 47 more words

Random People

Sometimes a random person will come into your life and help you forgot the day’s cruelty and pain. You learn to laugh again, feel alive and exhale. 10 more words

Holiday Hopefulness

It is hard to express just how much my recent trip to Africa means to me. It was always going to be a unique experience but I didn’t expect it to be so meaningful. 963 more words

Lifestyle Changes


Pictures : Sunset and wild flower.

Sunset from last night, not real dramatic, but nice.

Wild flower just out the door.

Chilling: I am taking it easy today seeing as it is my day off. 79 more words



I am so blessed. It’s like when I created my “perfect life’ list earlier this year, I wouldn’t have imagined that my life would actually begin to take shape the way that it has. 113 more words

High School Friends: The Key To New Friendships in College

No matter how you grew up, where you went to high school, or where your plans for the future are taking you, college is a big change that can often throw people for a loop. 899 more words

Branching Out

My Saturday afternoon... With new friends

So there was no sex.

But Saturday was a good day. Can’t believe that I’m writing this again. Since I accidentally deleted the draft.

Okay back to the Saturday. 712 more words