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Can Sustainability & Tourism Peacefully Co-exist in Hawaii?

The word “sustainable” is a bit of a buzzword, evoking images of wind turbines, solar panels, and barefoot hippies eating locally grown kale. While the idea of living in a way that doesn’t compromise the future is gaining traction in business, academia and politics, it has long been a cornerstone of Hawaiian culture. 146 more words


Let's Make a Change! (Webinar: The Next System)

One of the nicest things about not having a real job is that you can attend things like presentations and webinars, even if they happen at 3pm on a Wednesday.   1,066 more words


Growth of precariat is the wind beneath my wings, thoughts on replicating the Starbucks success in social finance.

Did anybody explain Starbucks success as perfect timing of product release with the tidal rise of outsourcing and emergence of Freelance labour? As I am searching for my next startup I watched Bill Gross, founder of Idealab, TED talk where he identifies… 395 more words


IzVučićemo se

Daleko od toga da mi se dopada ono što radi aktuelni premijer Srbije, ali daleko i od toga da mi se baš ništa ne dopada od onoga što radi aktuelni premijer Srbije. 874 more words

New Economy

Maine Sail Freight... begin the imagination voyage

Join multi-media artist, film stripper, singer, instrument-builder,

Brian Dewan

In songs of land and sea

June 28th 6.30 pm at the Blue Hill, Halcyon Grange… 55 more words


The Art of Becoming a Linchpin Amid Lizard Brains

Take Sir Ken Robinson’s Changing Education Paradigms, mix it with self-help and progressive marketing for today’s connected world. Now roll it out in an ‘Art of War’ like style and you’ll come close to… 518 more words


Vračar (ne) može da padne

Branimir Bane Kuzmanović je, kako je i sam naveo, ne želeći da padne bilo kakva sumnja na njega, podneo ostavku na mesto predsednika opštine Vračar. Ono što možda nije znao Kuzmanović jeste upravo to da je ceo proces još 2014. 939 more words

New Economy