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The Portal of the Hearts Gives Birth to the Multidimensional Self(s) into Consciousness!!

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, this month, March, is going to be like none other in our collective history.  I might even dare to say, to even have us recentering throughout our days (meaning, constantly finding our new center, not the old ones.) 2,012 more words

The Shift

Fireballs ~ Cabal Spaceships Being Blown Up? Just Sayin'

After preparing this post, I got to following other stories.  I read David Wilcock’s weekly comments on Benjamin Fulford’s latest (available on The Event Chronicle).  Somehow I stumbled across a breaking story about an American Military Satellite having exploded in space. 

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New Earth

The Portals of Light (YOU) Moving Towards Center!

The beauty of living in the high desert, woke up to 13 frozen inches of snow yesterday morning, by late afternoon and close to 60 degrees later, it’s all but a memory in patches upon the ground.   1,261 more words

The Shift

March 2015 - Dancing with Disaster

The planets are conflicted and cross this month, creating sustained tension and pressure to herd us toward affinity and connection.

Surrender is our best option, as the SUN highlights the action of NEPTUNE, NESSUS and CHIRON. 646 more words

Gaia Ascension

Star Lords, Crystal Skulls & the Reparation

Many years ago, a young man in my life said to me that the biggest difference between us was that to me, everything meant something and for him, nothing meant anything. 2,335 more words

Crystal Skulls

Saturday Seers: Joel 3:18

Coffee shops are the best place in the world to be! You can watch the world go by outside while you enjoy a hot drink and a cake, read a book, listen to music and just forget the pressure we’re constantly under. 228 more words