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New Earth Freedom ~ Love Is Essential

It is an understatement to say that many great spirits, even in very high dimensions, are assisting in this Shift of Consciousness.  Great spirits also gave us the American Constitution, unique in its being based on the philosophy of Freedom inherent in Creator given rights. 379 more words

New Earth

The New Earth Project

The New Earth Project is a pioneering initiative to unite humanity in a common cause: to define a world shaped by conscious people, in order to bring about healthy, joyful and prosperous lives. 48 more words

Prosperity Funds

My Nature Spirit

Last week my husband and I went to visit our kids at Camp La Noche. When we arrived I asked to be taken to the Sulfur Springs, which I heard of online when I researched the camp site. 505 more words

Healthy Mind And Spirit

GOD Thru Karen Doonan 4th July 2015

The latest GOD thru Karen Doonan channeled message is now available via the Conversations with GOD blog on the main TRUTH CODES MINISTRIES website.  For personal coding please order via the website.

Karen x

Karen Doonan

Expansion of Human DNA and cellular restructuring

As the energies begin to shift and to expand and as we in this our human form begin to let go of the deeply held belief patterns and the emotional residue that is associated with this then we move into a cellular expansion.   1,485 more words


Ecclesial Epektasis

*Disclaimer* This meditation is inspired by St. Gregory of Nyssa’s idea of Epektasis as developed in The Life of Moses. However, it developed in many ways not found in St. 883 more words

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