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Twenty-One Days of Prayer, Day 16, Pray for the Titus’, Our Missionaries (2 Corinthians 4:1-6)

Following a passage on the New Covenant, the Apostle Paul, wrote “Therefore, since we have this ministry”. Therefore is such a powerful word in Scripture. Paul is saying, since we have the ministry of sharing the Good News of the Gospel, we do not lose heart, or abandon your commitment to the Gospel like a coward. 332 more words

Searching For Our Savior In His Book

God, The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever

I think most who identify as Progressive Christians believe God is the same yesterday, today, and forever—which is how the Bible describes Him. But when they read the Bible, or at least when they hear other people talk about the Bible, they determine that the Old Testament shows God as different from the New Testament. 1,227 more words


A done deal

“What must I do?”

If you hinge it on what you must do…you must do it all and do it perfectly. You must keep the law to every dot and iota. 110 more words


Stop Trying to Have a Relationship With Jesus

This may be shocking coming from a pastor, but do yourself a favor and stop trying to have a relationship with Jesus.

You may think I’m just using reverse psychology, or I’m just trying to be clever or attempting to use dramatic effect. 1,209 more words

Ellen White

Messiah Netanyahu?

         Benjamin Netanyahu, the current and a former Prime Minister of Israel, will address a joint session of Congress today. He has an agenda.

         The agenda is somewhat lost to many since it is couched in the usual deflecting political stage play, complete with a good guy-bad guy theme and the perception of the sheriff in a white hat riding into town to restore sanity and justice. 2,780 more words

Lord Jesus

Backing It Up: The Old Testament Hope of Indwelling

Before we press further into the New Testament passages that explore the truth of indwelling we need to back up and consider the Old Testament background to this magnificent promise. 307 more words


Paul 1: Laws of God on Trial

There are many Bible readers who view the apostle Paul’s epistles as unclear or controversial.  Did Paul mean it is necessary to maintain good works and… 2,602 more words