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Spring Series: Spring Cleaning Checklists!

Hey everyone!

So I currently am living with my parents. My boyfriend moved in about 2 years ago. We have a room in the basement with a storage closet and bathroom. 385 more words

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How I Organize for my Blog!!

Hey everyone!

So, my plan is to do a Spring series, so as i get prepared for that, I figured I’d show you guys how I keep all of my blogging stuff organized. 205 more words

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Soap and Glory - No Clogs Allowed... It's allowed!

I first started taking an interest in looking after my skin when I was about 13 and my first spot appeared! “No, thank you”, I thought, as I rushed around Superdrug feeling grown-up in the skincare aisle.  325 more words


Horseback Riding: My Story!

Hey everyone!

So, I thought I would share a “horsie” post because I’ve just been loving the whole horse thing. I miss it, I really do. 1,052 more words

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a butterfly flew into church and headed towards the cross

This coming easter will be the second anniversary of my Baptism. My memories of the occasion are very much in tact, but they are not vivid. 698 more words


If this blog had an identifier – it would be the word(s) “semi-professional” (I still haven’t figured out whether hyphenated words are treated as one), but that could mean anything. 416 more words


21st Birthday | IDEAS NEEDED!

Hey friends, hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

My ( future ) little sis is turning 21!!! And we are going to Vegas at the end of July! 45 more words

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