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And so it begins...

Moving to London has been an incredible experience; I have found great house mates, I study a course I love and I live in an area that is so diverse and fascinating. 538 more words

East End

Rompin' Around

I have a love hate relationship with rompers. They either 1. Fit like a sack, 2. Give me a wedge, or 3. Make my torso appear shorter than it already is. 295 more words


Daddy Issues

My dad has always been a drinker for as long as I can remember.  It wasn’t until the past few years, though, that I realized exactly how much.   1,455 more words


The Liebster Award

This morning I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Kirsten!  Since I’m a new blogger, I had no idea what this “award” was for.   628 more words


The Love/Hate Tag

Thank you to the lovely Styled With Joy for tagging me to do this! She has a great blog so you should definitely go and check her out! 929 more words

Beauty Blogger

The Liebster Award

Yay for new bloggers! Yesterday Sarah Tahami nominated me for the Liebster Award! According to Google, Liebster is a German word that means sweetheart, beloved person, or darling. 641 more words


A day as a chaperon

I started my day by setting my alarm an hour earlier than usual. I wanted that one hour to myself, to enjoy the quiet, shower, and sip my coffee before I started the day, 10 minutes after I got out of bed, my 9 yo peeked her head around the corner to say “good morning”…there goes my quiet start. 661 more words