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The newbie wed - our journey continued

It’s time for levity, no? And nothing conveys mirth like the long tale of mishaps that represented my twenty-something marriage and honeymoons. Where did we leave off? 1,657 more words


The 'new age' movement halted my spiritual growth.

Sometimes you have to get in a persons sh*t.

What is said sh*t? Whelp, it’s the stuff we don’t want to acknowledge even exists and we wish to keep hidden from everyone else. 687 more words


On Karma

I’m a little amused by the concept(s) of karma. From what I understand, there are three main ways of looking at it: a) consequences, good or bad, as a result of behaviors of a previous life (which requires belief in reincarnation), b) consequences, good or bad, as a result of behaviors of the present life, and/or c) a certain aura/atmosphere as a result of events that have taken place in a particular location. 1,136 more words


Andy Puddicombe and Headspace ask, “So...why do you meditate?”

Spirituality, Meditation and Energy Healing

Andy Puddicombe and Headspace ask, “So…why do you meditate?”

I always thought the reason to meditate was to connect to Divine Presence and attain Enlightenment. 220 more words

Bill Johnson, Bethel and their New Age Deception


by Andrew Strom

A couple of years ago we sent out a Warning itemizing a number of facts about Bill Johnson’s ministry and Bethel church in Redding.

237 more words
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