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Creativity and Social Acceptance

Wes is spot on: we don’t have to be incredibly talented at something to do it without fearing the wrath of the critics. Creating something we’re passionate about is reason enough!

Creativity and Social Acceptance.

New Earth

Western Dominance

Why do I blog and write about bipolar? Because no one talks about it. No one wants to hear about it. It’s too awkward. And the only information people get on it is dominated by a Western perspective. 61 more words


My Daily Prayer

Quieting your mind is the first step to reaching the heavens.

Our Father who are in the heavens, holy be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in the heavens. 89 more words


Good to be Out

I kind of like this…the part about helping others particularly resonates. I’ve found it to be true too, that after being more out, that I’ve found more open minded christians than when I was deeply closeted about it…which I’m guessing speaks as much  in favor of the metaphyical and “new age” ideas of “the law of similars” and “the law of attraction” ( ie. 65 more words


Solving the World

Are you seeking happiness?  This goal is an illusion.  It is the temporary quieting of despair, anger and fear.  Our outer world does not contain happiness, not in a true permanent sense. 257 more words

New Age


The old worn out concept that there is not enough to go around for everybody does not hold water any more. 502 more words