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Adrian Neville's start on the main roster

Although it is slightly reminiscent of John Cena’s start in WWE against Kurt Angle I don’t really know where they’re going with Neville. Every match has been really good to watch but 2 wins against Axel and 3 clean losses against Ziggler, Sheamus, and Rollins and I feel like the next few weeks are going to be the same. 293 more words


Wrestling World on Fire since I've been gone! 

Well.. I’ve been M.I.A. From the blog world for about 2 weeks, but it’s been a very crazy and busy 2 weeks… Work has been booming with new accounts and business and I’m back training, getting ready to fight again (which I will keep you all up to date with) so it’s been wild. 1,049 more words


West Ouachita shuts out Neville

West Ouachita coach Mitch Thomas gave the ball to Joseph Tassin on Saturday and asked the senior to help the Chiefs to another win over rival Neville. 343 more words


John Cena Sucks!

Earlier today, there was an article written by a fan  where she detailed why she chants “Let’s go Cena.” In this article I aim to counter all her arguments as I strongly chant, “Cena sucks” and I have  many points why. 520 more words

Seth Rollins

WWE Smackdown April 16 2015 Review

– The Opening Segment

Let me first say that it’s good that WWE didn’t try to insult

our intelligence and edit out all the negative reaction Cena… 596 more words

The Corbin Problem 

NXTevolution’s Neil Sikka analyses NXT big-guy Baron Corbin and why he doesn’t deserve to be pushed to the top.

Once again on NXT this week we were “treated” to a Baron Corbin match which lasted 2 moves (finally we have someone with less moves than Cena?) and to be honest I’m fine with that as I would actually like his matches to be so short that I can blink and miss them. 464 more words


It's always Raw ...the day after - April 13, 2015

Hey there PCU-Maniacs

Time for more 5 thoughts from Raw. This week for the Raw that Aired April 13th 2015.

This week’s Monday Night Raw was a strange one to write about because most of the writing about it was done yesterday. 961 more words