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The Omicron Matter - Joint Ventures - Working on The Console

A new entry for the Omicron Matter – Joint Ventures.  While Rachael and Winifred Stanhope were working on the test drones, John, Findley Brown and Neville Carter-Frasier have begun assembling the control console for the Omicron devices on Smith’s ship. 814 more words


And I'm like... (Reviewing this at work, Beast in the East)

And I’m like… Well, I started at 5:30 and had to start at the beginning because I had to get the restaurant open with my wife. 403 more words

Pro Wrestling

Before the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, I honestly had no clue what was going on with the WWE main roster. From the women to the men, to the Diva’s Championship belt to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt. 1,141 more words


WWE The Beast In The East Preview & Predictions

On Saturday July 4 is the first ever WWE Network Exclusive from Tokyo Japan with their The Beast In The East event. This event will air live at 5:30am EST and 2:30am PST. 207 more words

Pro Wrestling

RAW: Seth Rollins is the New Oprah! (Highlights 6/29/15)

The video package to start off RAW was so beautiful. It started out emotional and so wonderfully sweet as Seth lovingly apologizes and gets the band back together.It’s something that can bring a tear to even the most heartless man’s eyes as he witnesses the reunion of a family before it’s torn apart by a massive sociopath with a haircut that looks like freshly cut grass. 700 more words


Let's talk NXT stars . . . .

So I have been keeping tabs on NXT and WWE going into this Tokyo special, NXT has revived my desire to keep up to date on WWE news, being a bit of a creative person myself and interested more in the storylines, characters and in ring story telling than the actual physical side of the business, I am also looking at how WWE pushes and develops guys, this has definitely intensified with the inclusion of NXT and during my time subscribed to the WWE network, I loved watching NXT and the old attitude stuff. 773 more words