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I want to QUIT!!!

You’re going to reach a point on the way to a goal, when you’re going to wonder if it’s really worth it. It’s going to happen because you have other things on your mind. 123 more words

Motivation And Inspiration


There are a ton of words in the English language that I could do without hearing for the rest of my life that just evoke an immediate negative reaction once they are said. 1,117 more words

Never Give Up

People say “Never Give Up” but sometimes giving up is the Best option because You realize you’re Wasting your Time.


Seven things I meant to thank you for, but never did

Before you saw me waddle onto the school bus for the first time, my entire being not more than three and a half feet tall, everyone had warned you that I was a loud, irritating pain in the ass. 311 more words

And Still I Try

Well here I go again

Trying to drop this weight that has moved from 235 to 247 in the last year. Thank the Creator that it is not worse than it could be but it is still pretty bad…. 184 more words

Debt & Doubt & The Blue Wall

When I was little I used to play tag with my cousins. First, we would rock paper scissors to see who was “it,” then we would name the parameters of the playing field, including the safe zone. 768 more words


Beginning anew in 2015

A new year and opportunity for new beginning.  Many talk about it being of no use to set goals and make resolutions because they just don’t keep them. 376 more words