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My boring life! 

Oh man, my life is so boring these days! I am not in a sump, I am just relaxing and healing. Trying to enjoy my kids and the summer. 287 more words

Life As It Is

Pray On

So you’ve been praying diligently for a long time and it just all seems so futile. The saying that prayer changes things is up for grabs as far as your experience takes you. 193 more words


Characteristics of Successful People

We all dream of becoming successful in various fields in our lifetime.  How do you become successful?  Here are some characteristics Jesse Tam came across during his business career.   323 more words


A funny Quote

Another reason to follow a ridiculous dream!-Original work ;)

The Cool Stuff



i think that eventually….

you see what matters

you know what right is

you walk away from the hurt

you can read personalities

you can hear the insecurity in the criticism… 35 more words


Love's Flame

You put my heart through
a wringer. I picture rings
on our fingers. I love you
Lord knows I’m trying.
I’m dying silence a killer. 122 more words

How I Feel


Sometimes we feel beaten down.
Sometimes we feel drained.
Sometimes we just feel so tired
Sometimes we feel like we cannot fight anymore
Sometimes we feel like it does not worth it anymore… 13 more words

Never Give Up