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Not quite Alibaba: Robber's Cave Experiment

Muzafer Sherif, an American psychologist of Turkish heritage, made a contribution to psychology via his Realistic Conflict Theory. This theory states that group conflicts, stereotypes and prejudices are the result of competition for resources. 614 more words


What Goes on in Your Head During Creative Musical Improvisation? Part 1

This is the first of a two-part article about goes on in your head when you’re improvising music. In this part we’ll look at what’s happening in the brain during creative musical improvisation. 1,171 more words


WSJ: How to go from grumpy to HAPPY - Create an after-work routine

This is a great way to decompress and really enjoy your down time at home!

WSJ: Go From Grumpy to Happy: Rethink the After-Work Routine…

302 more words

Building A Better Tomorrow

Inner voice: Use it? Or Listen to it?

Use your inner voice. I’ve heard this said a lot lately. Not necessarily directed at me you will understand, and when it was, in jest (I think). 386 more words

Human Resources

The Sentry (Bob Reynolds) and the Brain

Optogenetics. It sounds like genes being lit up in neon colors, like a flashy Las Vegas sign.

But what is it really?

Optogenetics is a technique that takes advantage of proteins found in certain algae species that respond to different wavelengths of light. 643 more words


The Neuroscience of the Spotless Mind

Although there are undoubtedly even more Valentine’s Day-themed films than there are Shades of Grey, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind stands a cut above the rest. 1,895 more words