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Five Tips for a Better Brain, by Betsy Hill

Just about every adult I meet wants to know how to strengthen their perception, thinking and acuity.  I believe in practicing what I preach, so here a five things I practice on a daily basis. 661 more words

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Different Processing Systems of Pain Across the Sexes

Recent research conducted at McGill University has investigated the fundamental processing differences of pain between male
and female mice. Based on earlier findings that men and women have differing mechanical pain hypersensitivity, the present researchers sought to question whether the basic wiring systems of pain varied between male and female mice. 180 more words


What is NLP?

Having doubts about what NLP is all about and what do we do at IRIANS? You wanna try it out but you are not sure enough if it’s worth it? 805 more words


Chapter 2: The building blocks of the nervous system

The central and peripheral nervous system consist of two types of cells; neurons and glia. Bear et. al., Chapter 2 (Neurons and Glia) describes the ‘neurophilosophy’ of the brain and mind as dictating that if we can fully understand the processes of neurons and glial cells, individually and as a whole system, we will understand how the ‘mind’ works and separating it from study of the brain function is unnecessary. 3,173 more words


People with recurrent depression have significantly smaller hippocampus than healthy individuals

The brains of people with recurrent depression have a significantly smaller hippocampus – the part of the brain most associated with forming new memories – than healthy individuals, a new global study of nearly 9,000 people reveals. 530 more words

Neuropsychiatric Disease

How you can benefit yourself and transform society

Do you ever feel so tense and anxious that you can’t relax or sleep? Are you so glued to your gadgets you can’t unplug? 


Do you ever feel frustrated because you want more meaningful connections with the people you care about?  518 more words

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Chapter 1: A "Brief" History of Neuroscience

This section will cover content from chapter one of Bear et. al. titled ‘Neuroscience: Past, Present, and Future’. In this chapter they provide a brief introduction to the history of understanding the brain, describe the modern state of the neuroscience community and the research done in terms of neurological disorders, their prevalence and the means by which the brain is studied. 4,071 more words