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Good news everyone – assignments are all finished, the provisional results are rolling in, and I am officially a graduand (the state of limbo between finishing work and actually attending the graduate ceremony). 244 more words

The Matrix

Take A Look At Vincenzo Natali's Concept Art For The Aborted 'Neuromancer' Film

A film adaptation of William Gibson’s seminal cyberpunk novel Neuromancer has been bouncing around in development hell for years and years, which is possibly a good thing considering the special effects needed for a movie like this weren’t quite there until recently. 304 more words



There’s so much to write about David Cameron and the Duggars, and nasty trade deals, not to mention the 18-month countdown to the next US presidential election… 117 more words


'Neuromancer' Will Supposedly Be Adapted By The Chinese, Now

Neuromancer is a superb book, but after 30 years of people trying, and failing, to turn it into a movie, you’d think people would let this one go. 151 more words


William Gibson predicting the modern Internet in Neuromancer

“Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concepts… A graphic representation of data abstracted from banks of every computer in the human system.

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Goodreads review: Neuromancer

Neuromancer by William Gibson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve had this book since 1989. I’d heard it was cool and, impressionable 13-year-old that I was, I snaffled a copy and was immediately confused by it. 516 more words


Consensual Hallucination

I’ve recently been working on some new abstract pieces. They’re very different to the collage work I do or my usual painting style, but I love the change of pace and this new way of creating. 141 more words