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Neuromancer: Case Is A Script Kiddie!

I’m re-reading Neuromancer, William Gibson’s sci-fi/cyberpunk classic. The book amazes me as much now as it did when I read it back in the ’80s. 210 more words

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Johnny Mnemonic

In 1984 William Gibson released Neuromancer, a speculative fiction based in a cyberpunk world of the future. Neuromancer was the first instance of the term ‘cyberspace’, continuing the theme throughout the trilogy and inspiring many of modern day media ideals of cyberspace and cyberpunk. 220 more words


Research imitates (science) fiction, or which way around is it?

Lately I’ve been trying to get to the core of things around virtual reality and the metaphors that are commonly used when describing the experience of being immersed in computer-generated virtual environments such video games. 834 more words

Virtual Reality

Book Review: Neuromancer

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.
-Chapter One: Chiba City Blues, Neuromancer

To be perfectly honest, I would never have picked up this book if not for my Science Fiction module. 811 more words

Book Review

William Gibson

Cyberspace. A Consensual Hallucination.

Also known as the Noir Prophet of the Cyberpunk subgenre, William Gibson is an American Canadian science fiction novelist. In his short story, Burning Chrome (1982), Gibson used for the first time and invented the term cyberspace and later used the concept as a base for his debut novel, Neuromancer (1984). 1,003 more words

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Cyberspace: Neuromancer Vs. Futurama

Since Gibson’s work Neuromancer, the concept of “jacking-in” has been reworked by numerous sources, in mediums ranging from prose, to television, to movies. The adaptation of this concept to various mediums has afforded it new, previously unavailable opportunities in conveying its concept to a modern audience (to whom the concept of jacking in still remains “firmly” in the realm of science fiction). 669 more words

This is incredibly late, but my contribution to Bogleech’s overwhelmingly huge and fun annual Creepypasta Cook-Off, “A Synopsis of David Cronenberg’s Neuromancer, 77 more words