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The Sound of Fury

A large problem with misophonia is the lack of public awareness. I’ve been advocating to fix that in every way I can. There’s not a lot I can do – but I can share my personal experiences. 492 more words


The Agony of Misophonia

“Everybody gets annoyed by certain noises.”

“You just need to get over it, you can’t change the way the world works.”

Welcome to Misophonia. Like other conditions, those of us who suffer get to live day to day with the horror of explaining it to others. 379 more words


Misophonia: Living With Rage

It can start as early as four in the morning. Your neighbour stomps his feet around. All of a sudden you go from half-asleep and calm to a nervous wreck. 250 more words


Why I Keep Preaching Health

As I sat down to write yet another article filled with my fabulous holistic health advice, I was caught off guard by a spontaneous moment of introspection.   564 more words

Mechanisms of Stimulation Effects of Focused Ultrasound

“Our previous research has demonstrated that pulses of 1-3 MHz focused¬†ultrasound ranging usually from 1 to 100 ms can induce in humans a variety of somatic¬†sensations, e.g., tactile, thermal (warmth and cold), and pain sensations . 157 more words

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