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Aggravating symptoms and rife machine

If these symptoms can decrease even 50% I would be so surprised. At this point I am not sure if my symptoms can be reduced. I mean obviously it’s to the point where my brain is in overdrive. 248 more words

Treating Sleep Apnea May Ward Off Memory Decline

A study recently publish in Neurology has found that sleep apnea may be associated with early cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers also found that the use of a continuous positive airway pressure machine (CPAP) may delay the onset of such mental decline. 103 more words


Medical MJ liquid extract may help children with severe epilepsy

Medical marijuana liquid extract may bring hope for children with severe epilepsy

Source: American Academy of Neurology (AAN). (2015, April 13). Medical marijuana liquid extract may bring hope for children with severe epilepsy.  62 more words

Medical MJ Research

2011 Norbeck CC Member-Guest Recap – Day 1

Well it’s the start of another Norbeck Member-Guest trip and already I’m concerned. Last Wednesday, as he was passing through New Jersey on his way home from New York, I met Dave for beers at my club. 1,356 more words


Neuro appointment

Well my MRA came back as normal, which I knew it would. My neuro basically ruled out MS or any other type of structural abnormality that would be causing all of my visual issues and balance issues. 133 more words

Will Neuro-Centric Wearables Make Us Better Humans?

In the past few years, products such as Quell and Celafy have united wearable tech with the science of neural stimulation—traditionally used for inpatient treatment of… 63 more words



What is the most bullshitty thing that has happened to me in my entire life? Hm, that’s a hard one, but actually not really because the whole “two sleeping disorders” thing SUCKS. 279 more words

Kleine-Levin Syndrome