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Individual tickets for sale for Hercules Trophy Belgium

Want to experience the coolest corporate team challenge as a VIP in the Ambassador Club, a kid in the Hercules Kids Trophy, a supporter or want to go crazy at our famous party? 41 more words

Hercules Trophy

Start speaking in sound bites and taglines.

Successful people get right to the point. They don’t bore you with endless details and confuse you with rhetoric. The next time you have a networking opportunity, run into someone who could potentially hire you, or speak to someone you admire….what will you say? 573 more words


Music in Music City

Living in Nashville is a wonderful thing, especially if you love music. After all, it’s Music City, USA. I’m sure I speak for other music business professionals when I say that even though you may pick, sing, write or produce for a living, you never get over being a fan. 290 more words

33 ways to stay happy... #18

The May experiment…

Read about the experiment here

Today: 15 – Collaborate

The cliché of the lonely wolf, the anti-social recluse, the high-maintenance artist lacking any kind of team player skills… Independence and individuality have been hyped beyond their range of absolute necessity… 321 more words


Networking: It’s An ART

You have just attended a cool networking event. The atmosphere was amazing, great encounters. Exchanged business cards with numerous people. Pocket full of business cards, with no idea what to do with them. 513 more words


Talking to Strangers: The 5 Truths about Networking

Once upon a time, I worked as a banquet server for a hotel. It’s been so long ago the memories are faint and silly. The trays were heavy, my feet hurt, and the boss was a little high strung. 541 more words