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Thoughts on Daredevil for people who have seen Daredevil

This post contains some disorganised thoughts having watched all of Netflix’s Daredevil Season One – if you haven’t watched all thirteen episodes, spoilers ahoy… 843 more words


Team BCP break down the Netflix DAREDEVIL series! (part one)

With Marvel’s Netflix-exclusive Daredevil series drawing pretty much unanimous critical acclaim, and everyone having their own thoughts on just what made it so special, we decided that rather than just giving one reviewer’s opinion on the series we’d throw the topic open to the entire might of the BCP Roster. 2,394 more words


NOC Recaps Daredevil: aka Law & Order Hell's Kitchen

I brought this up in my recap for “Into the Ring,” but “Rabbit in a Snowstorm” is where we really get the Law & Order: Hell’s Kitchen… 1,447 more words


Legend Of Zelda Fan Film

Just finished watching this fan film and I am surprised I did.  It is perhaps the worst film I have ever seen in my life.  I gave it a chance since I knew fan films aren’t supposed to be blockbusters and I did like the video game and to some degree the cartoon on Super Mario’s Super Show after I finally watched it on Netflix a few years ago but it was a total disappointment.   102 more words

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Could Iron Fist be in Need of a Strange Doctor?

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

If there’s one thing Marvel does right, it’s connecting their properties and making it feel like a cohesive universe.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been interacting with their TV show… 166 more words

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Daredevil renewed for second season.

The official trailer for Daredevil season one, uploaded by Netflix.

In a recent post on their website, Marvel announced that the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen will be back for a second season, set for release in 2016. 96 more words

Daredevil: Reviewing the Netflix Series

On April 10, Netflix and Marvel released the long-awaited 13 episode Daredevil series for us fans to mass consume. This series is the first of five planned series and is a new vehicle for Marvel to display more characters that aren’t getting their own blockbuster films. 576 more words