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Late night musings...


I’m pretty sure a lot of you folks out there in what ever time zones you might be in have had nights like these. Nights where, you can’t seem to sleep, so you stay up, mindlessly staring at the boob-tube, perusing through Netflix and thinking, “What the fuck am I doing?” 108 more words

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Rumor: Marvel Having Trouble With 'Iron Fist' Netflix Series

According to new reports, Marvel is having some bit of problems developing the Iron fist Series. 328 more words


@CdnMountainMan's Weekly TV Recap (June 20th through June 26th)

Things are picking up once again in the land of television.  Disappointed that Orphan Black is now over but already looking towards Season 4.  True Detective, Under the Dome, The Last Ship all returned this week.   2,307 more words

TV Shows

   On my last post Help! I talked about how I often don’t know what to post. #LoveBooks recommended that I post about some of my favorite TV shows. 540 more words

Random Thoughts

No Summer Lull Here

In the Bossig household, there is no “summer slump” in between TV seasons. Summer is the time when we start catching up on shows we’ve missed or re-watching old favorites. 90 more words