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TECH::Jurassic IT - Is NetApp a dinosaur?

Google “netapp dinosaur” and you get some… interesting articles.

You’ll find quotes like:

“a business in stagnation”

“obsessed with Data ONTAP”

“ONTAP showing its age”

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FUD Slingers have nothing on All Flash FAS

As you may or may have not heard the announcement earlier this week, NetApp has released an All Flash FAS (AFF) storage array. Many announcements, blogs and articles have been written about AFF, but I wanted to highlight the main aspects without having to read pages and pages (you can thank my ADHD for that). 305 more words


How to create a consistency based snapshot of multiple volumes in NetApp cDot, then flexclones

  1. Identify the volumes to be part of the consistency group snapshot.
  2. You can create a new snapshot policy or an existing.
  3. Assign the policy to the volumes in question.
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How to add an iSCSI SAN drive to Linux

969  cd /dev/mapper
970  ls
971  ifconfig
981  iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p -l eth1
982  iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p -l eth2… 32 more words


TECH:: NetApp is kicking some flash!

Picture this…

You’re a storage administrator, and your boss has just told you to go out and find a suitable flash array for your production workloads. 821 more words


Flashy NetApp

You may be aware NetApp has announced the latest update to their Data OnTap operating system OnTap 8.3.1 (if you’re not you may want to read my… 1,363 more words


Jumping NetApp Flash

This post is definitely going to talk about the range of NetApp announcements that you may of heard today, but before I do that I want to focus on the last sentence. 1,287 more words