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Net Neutrality: The FCC vs Cable Companies

Featured Image: A protest last November. Image: ​Stephen Melkisethian

The FCC and Net Neutrality

What is Net Neutrality?

CNET described net neutrality as,“the idea that traffic on the Internet should be treated equally. 504 more words


Congresswoman Backed By AT&T, Comcast Introduces Bill To Kill Net Neutrality

While some members of Congress have argued that the best way to deal with net neutrality is to create a law that guides what broadband providers can and can’t do with regard to data, one legislator from Tennessee — who has received significant money from neutrality’s biggest opponents — has introduced a bill that would kill neutrality and strip the FCC of its authority to regulate broadband as a necessary piece of telecommunications infrastructure. 456 more words

Public Knowledge: Guardians of Net Neutrality

By Bailey Edelstein

If you ask Michael Weinberg, the Vice President of Public Knowledge, a Washington advocacy group focused on technology policy, how to land a job like his, he would suggest you find a way to your career without spending three years at law school. 747 more words

FCC Rules in Favor of “Open and Unfettered” Internet

By Bailey Edelstein

History was made at the Federal Communications Commission’s open meeting at their headquarters in Washington, DC on Feb. 26 to determine the future of the Internet for U.S. 1,195 more words

Writing Samples

Lawrence Lessig speaks about election funding, net-neutrality on eve of FCC decision

Lawrence Lessig, one of the founders of Creative Commons, visited Roger Williams University this past Monday to speak to students about election funding in the United States and net-neutrality. 204 more words

Roger Williams University

Net Neutrality

How is your Internet experience? Is it throttled, blocked, are you in the fast-lane, do you pay more  for speed; are you not prioritized?  How would you know if you were throttled? 1,566 more words


Verizon Telegraphs Dismay At FCC Vote | Multichannel

Dot-dash this!

Verizon demonstrated its displeasure with the FCC’s net neutrality decision via a way-back version for a very special Throwback Thursday. Its Policy Blog, which said the ruling “Imposes 1930s Rules on the Internet,” was presented in Morse Code (see illustration). 8 more words