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Hold the Boat!

You may remember our friends Two Boats and a Duck.
Well, now we have a new friend with a boat and a moorhen.
Sadly the moorhen chicks in an earlier post have all perished, as Mum tried to hatch the third egg at the expense of not caring for her babies trying to survive in the reeds. 131 more words


NEST 5.0

A two week hiatus can be explained. But I won’t explain it. What I will explain is a new source of inspiration:  a couple of Indian purple sunbirds who have been nesting in my garden. 17 more words

What's At Hand?

The rural land where I live could be certified as a robin nursery. So many robins nest up in trees, inside bushes, and among the thorny branches of a rose on the trellis. 273 more words


Nosy Neighbor

I went into my neighbors houses while they were away and took pictures. I  knocked at the door and if no one answered, I went in with my camera to check out their housekeeping and furnishings. 389 more words

Happy Father's Day to and from GLPIPL!

To all the fathers out there, both bird and human that have helped make this recovery effort possible, we wish you a wonderful day!

And what better day to announce that we currently have 67 pairs of Great Lakes Piping Plovers across the region than on Father’s Day. 170 more words

2015 Field Season

Birds, Nests, and Eggs

Finding Birds, Nests, & Eggs

Just recently I came to a realization, I am a bona-fide voyeur.  During certain times of the year I creep around the yard, peering into trees and shrubs wearing binoculars around my neck for the taller specimens.   569 more words