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Springtime Treats

I’m just about done with winter, and since spring is just around the corner, I though that I might make up some yummy treats to help welcome it in! 190 more words


Now That Spring Is In The Air...

…except it’s not, really. Sadly, enough it was just snowing yesterday. And temps have been -20ish. How nice :( . Did you know that Niagara Falls (our original neck of the woods) is partially frozen over?!?!

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Poem with an explanation: bird nests

bird nests are empty
a migration continues
will the river flow?

The poem above is a haiku.  It was inspired by the photograph from the blog post… 200 more words


Oh! The places you'll go ...... snow days mean bird houses

What did you do during the lovely snow days when the temperature was hitting record lows?  Work on birdhouses?  Then you are thinking like I am about warmer days and spring sunshine. 66 more words

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Never-Coming-Out Days

Thanks to Robot-Hugs for this story from the heart.  If you ever wonder what to do for a friend who is sad or anxious or desparate or panicky, it’s this:


Moms and Eagles

I was reminded the other night of some things I had forgotten as a mother.

It is easy to “romanticize” motherhood when you get older and the kids are grown and gone. 383 more words

In the Shelter

I noticed her, high up in a tree by the water’s edge.

She was sitting on a nest so far above the ground and on such spindly looking branches. 119 more words

Photos With Christian Thoughts By Myra Johnson