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Easter Nest Cakes!

Hello everyone! On Sunday it was my birthday and I had an amazing day. I might do a little post about my birthday soon. But it made me realise how close we are to Easter. 210 more words


Mouths to Feed

Phoebe parents work hard to keep their demanding babies well-fed. As the hatchlings grew, their little “I’m hungry!” peeps became squawks that were so loud I had to close the front door!  7 more words


Fuzzy Heads

For about a month, one of the phoebes was always in the nest overnight. I looked forward to coming home after work to check on them. 37 more words


Migrating Blue Heron

I know I’ve posted this before, but every year these blue heron come back to these specific trees. One twig at a time they make their nests.  60 more words


Sugar Cookie Easter Egg Nests

It’s barely 7 am on a Saturday morning and I’m drinking coffee and eating Cadbury mini eggs. Now that’s what I call MOM LIFE. But how cute are these cookies? 304 more words


Let's Get Baking - Chocolate Nests

With easter fast approaching there’s going to be a lot of chocolate. Coming from a big family we got a Lot of easter egg’s which usually ended up leaving a lot of chocolate left over. 102 more words



I think everyone knows babies actually come from delivery by storks.  When in Alsace in France last fall, we were sitting at an outdoor restaurant where on top of the building next door there was a big stork nests.   93 more words