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Mako Mermaids

I might be relatively young, but I am way too old to be hung up on some kid’s show where the main characters are younger than I am. 134 more words


Confessions from a Half-Ass Nerd

Whelp, I’m finally just putting it out there.

I would love to call myself an all-out nerd. Nerds are cool. And smart. And very, very clever. 544 more words

Nerdy Stuff

The Boxtrolls 

If we had to listen to the same story about good vs. bad, greed, friendship, loyalty, identity, neglect, loneliness, and labelling, we would all be sick and tired of cliches, that’s why story-telling is such a great art. 204 more words


If I can't take my coffee break, something inside of me dies

A couple of months ago, I was browsing through the Jonathan Groff tag on Tumblr (as one does) and read a reference to a musical he’d just been cast at the Royal Festival Hall.   595 more words


Hitler Sucks

Things I hate:

4. Nash Grier
3. Ignorance
2. Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter
1. WWII movies.

If my heart has to break one more time because an entire nation was brain-washed by Lord Voldemort’s evil twin brother, I will have to increase my dose of Fluoxetine. 124 more words