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Star Wars Neeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrddddd Alert!

File this under the nerd section in the deep basement of your brain, hide it behind the Vanilla Ice lyrics, the MC Hammer dance and Zubaz parachute pants. 17 more words

Casey S. Gutting

World's Best Podcast Season 7 Episode 29

Adam and I discuss the finer things in life, including Flash season 1 episodes 15-18 and we also decided to do a preliminary discussion on the Batman v Superman trailer.   11 more words



This conversation demonstrates just one of the many reasons why my buddy Sean and I are friends:

Sean: Back to the Future was timeless. Bwahahaha! 153 more words

Things That Make Me Smile

Busyness - Good or Bad? The Inside Scoop

Have you ever had one of those weeks where whenever you think about what you need to do, you momentarily freak out, because you have what seems like an endless list of stuff you need to do? 248 more words

The Inside Scoop

Is this how nerds play truth or dare?

Pondering the deeper mysteries of the universe? No way.


A Little Positivity

A little T-shirt I made for a stuffed animal, given that I am really a 12 year old in a 40-something body.  BTW, one of the best musicals…EVER.

And, the back:


Geist of Saint Traft Tiny Leaders

Okay so I finally built aGeist of Saint Traft for tiny leaders. A while back I was a given the promo version of the card  for Christmas/birthday. 68 more words