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Nerd Block Review (October 2014)

We’re back! Bringing you Nerd Block for October 2014 (yeah I’m just a lil bit late…)

I’ll include my usual reminder on the service: Nerd Block… 281 more words

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Why I Watch Dubbed Anime

I’ve noticed recently in my dabbling with the world of anime, there are quite a few Otaku who don’t take kindly to dubbed anime and those who watch it. 362 more words


Icebreaker #15 | What was your favorite subject in school?

This is the fifteenth and final installment of my Icebreaker series. Find your backpack and cram your Trapper Keeper inside!

What was your favorite subject in school? 218 more words

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Episode 24 - Ful-Lys Loaded

On episode 24, we have special Ly Family guests on the podcast, Janet Ly, Kerry Ly and Juan Murillo (Kerry’s husband) on to discuss the origins of the Ly family and how we got to be how we are. 49 more words


Dandelion, dandelion

today’s million musings:

I love dandelions. I know they are considered weeds but I think they are beautiful. They have a beautiful yellow colour when in flower (I mean, who can stay grumpy when such a happy colour is around) and then they transform in this gorgeous creation of nature (as if the flower alone weren’t an impressive work or art already). 156 more words


All these feels.

See Usagi’s face right there? That is me this morning and it is 110% accurate. Since Sunday I made friends with cookie dough vodka, and let’s just say the friendship became rather destructive. 1,138 more words