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Daily Dialogue: Harley and Ivy in "Chinese Democracy"

After taking a Friday off to write a magnum opus (ha), I’m getting back into the groove of my weekly promise. Spending 40 minutes every Friday writing Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy up to no good. 688 more words


Embrace the Nerd

After much thought….(well 5 to 10 minutes worth. It felt longer though) I have decided to challenge you, the reader to embrace the nerd side of you today. 191 more words


Dream Cast: The Walking Dead

By Zach Thomas

This post takes a bit of a departure from the standard around here of content fully videogame focused, however there is a videogame tie in.   402 more words


ODY-C: Issue 3

Well, this issue was extremely disappointing. In fact, I couldn’t even finish reading it. I found the writing so contrived and choppy that it almost made no sense whatsoever. 60 more words


What I Was Geeking Out About This Week - 03/06/15

Hey there! Here’s what is going on in my world:

  • Tampa

So I am officially in Tampa today for ACPA 2015. This city is gorgeous and it was nice to get to my hotel, clean myself up, and walk outside in shorts in 80 degree weather! 305 more words


Gayme Night Reviews : DC Deck Building

This week we review our first deck building game.  Carl loves DC Comics so we picked up the DC Deck Building game.  Carl loves it but can Jaysen get past the odd theme and the fact that it is run by variants?   12 more words


Day 8: Ode to the super hero underwear in my drawer

Who will I be today?

Batgirl, will it be you?
Strong and acrobatic
tricky and tenacious?

Wonder Woman, will it be you?
Strength beyond measure… 27 more words