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Sony PlayStation SNES Console Reported

The Internet has been set a blaze by reports of a now ancient legend, the Sony/Nintendo collaboration console. It is a well-known fact that Sony and Nintendo began work on a console together way back in 1988, unfortunately this deal fell through by 1991. 198 more words

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In Case You Missed It: New Spider Man, Spider Gwen, Arkham Knight, Kingdom Hearts

Hey guys! So here is an update on nerd news!

To those who might be new to my videos, I make videos about nerd news who might have missed. 59 more words


This Weekend in the Nerd Verse... June 20th-21st, 2015

Miles Morales will be swinging at ya this fall after the Secret Wars arc is over. Not only that, but he will be the Spider-Man. No asterisk. 371 more words

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Leaked Emails Reveal Movie Spider-man Must Be White and Straight!?!?!

According to Gawker this is all real information from the famed Sony hacked emails.  Here is the article they posted 2 days ago.

It’s important to remember that Spider-Man, no matter how much we wish it weren’t the case, is a fictional character. 182 more words

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Breaking News! Miles Morales Will Return This Fall IN New Series

The Marvel 616 universe and Ultimate universe fought to the death… and everyone and everything that ever was came to an epic end. Now only Battleworld survives, a hectic violent place where heroes and villains do battle for the last remaining world made up from pieces of other universes sewn together by the greatest hero any Marvel U has to offer Doctor doom. 226 more words

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E3: New Sony Content Recap!

Sony is a Powerhouse in the Gaming industry and continues to reaffirm its position as the King of the American market. Can the  monarchy hold onto the crown for the current generation of gamers? 153 more words

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E3: New Microsoft Content Recap!

There will be a million people telling you this company or that company “won” this years E3, I believe the winners should always be the consumers based on the quality and quantity of games and peripherals teased and announced each year. 129 more words

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