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Check Out Henry Dampier's Blog

Any of y’all familiar with Henry Dampier? (I don’t know if that is his real name.) He is a neoreactionary. I don’t think paleoconservatism is synonymous with neoreaction, but there is a lot of overlap because both are premised on the rejection of liberalism (in the modern and original sense). 190 more words


Random, disjointed thoughts

Right now I’m looking at three half-finished essays on my desktop. One is hopefully going to be published in the lovely Rachel Haywire’s Trigger Warning magazine… 846 more words


Turkish Miniskirts

Turkish Miniskirts? Is that a new brand of miniskirts?

No, I am not talking a specific kind or brand of miniskirts that have been wear by Turkish women. 385 more words


Leftists Between A Rock And A Hard Place

I was reading this article on the Great Firewall of the West relative to the Great Firewall of China. What Jeff J. Brown curiously describes is what we would call the Cathedral but sees not his participation in it. 360 more words


The Heat Death of Humanity: Progressivism as the Second Law of Thermodynamics

I don’t agree with (or to be honest, understand) – all the Nietzschean / Great Chain of Being stuff in the post series “Neoreaction: is it for real? 903 more words