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Two months ago I was told that the school that I work for, and where I attended for my undergraduate degree, would be closing. By June 30th I will be out of a job, I’ll need to be fully moved out of my apartment and into my boyfriend’s, and I’ll need to have secured employment that can cover my living costs until I can find something more permanent. 750 more words


The Transformation

I’ve spent a lot of time devoted to my business lately. I fear I devoted so much of myself to it that I’ve neglected my blog more than usual. 731 more words


Shipping Offer

You asked for it, here it is!

We are super excited to announce $5.99 flat rate U.S. shipping for a limited time!!!!

My Lastest Creation: An Asherah Statue

The other day I was watching this video.  During the video, the YouTube user TheLovelyLittleWitch explains why she has two Matrons and goes over how she made her Goddess statues. 352 more words


A-Z: Spiritual Words That Influenced My Healing – Neopagan

The Basics

Neopaganism is a series of religious beliefs, often polytheist, animistic or pantheist in nature. Although some Neopagan practices draw inspiration from pre-Christian European religions, more specifically ancient indigenous cultures, essentially all of it was dreamt up since the late 19th century. 493 more words


How and Why to Build an Altar

I have always had an altar, but I was never sure if I was really doing it ‘right’ or not. I just followed my instinct. … 74 more words


Celtic Symbols II

A while back I wrote a post on Celtic symbols. At the time I had a cold and was bored from being stuck inside for a while, so I took it as an opportunity to talk about the way symbols—particularly one symbol, the triskelion—are applied in modern “Celtic” magic, and why I think it should be changed slightly. 761 more words