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American Council of Witches 2015

We have recently been alerted to what is potentially one of the funniest witchcraft events of 2015: a little Facebook group entitled American Council of Witches 2015, which can be found at… 322 more words


Reader Request: How To Use Crystals and Stones

For my very first reader request, I will be discussing some simple ways to use crystals and stones. From here on out, I will simply use the word ‘stones’ to mean both stones and crystals. 860 more words


Intolerant Hellenism: Why I'm doing this

Ok, let’s get this over with. Since I’m not really making any progress with the Qur’an and the life of Muhammad, I decided to simply start this series already. 744 more words


Blessed Imbolc!

I want to wish you all a very blessed and belated Imbolc! The spark in the Goddess’ belly has been lit…and I was initiated into the Gardnerian tradition. 625 more words


Icelanders: 'Gimme that old-time religion'

Many Icelanders have had their fill of the enfeebled Christian deity and are feeling the nostalgic pull of the old Norse gods:

Asatruarfelagid, a neopagan organization, plans to start construction next month on the country’s first Norse temple since Christianity arrived in the island nation roughly 1,000 years ago…

293 more words

Candlemas: When You're Just Not that into Bridget

I don’t have any problems with Bridget.  She seems like a perfectly lovely goddess, but it was made clear to me long ago that she’s not mine. 310 more words


B is for Ba'al

Last week’s topic at the Pagan Experience was on deity/the Divine and our experiences with Them/It. I was planning on writing a post about Ba’al, but every time I tried, only a jumbled mess came out. 804 more words