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The Journey of a Thousand Blogs

It’s confession time. Before this one, I’ve made about a thousand blogs. I think that’s why I always look up to bloggers who had the same kind of blog, with the same kind of theme, and the same kind of posts forever, because, for a while, to me that was too boring. 543 more words


Shipping Offer

You asked for it, here it is!

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My Lastest Creation: An Asherah Statue

The other day I was watching this video.  During the video, the YouTube user TheLovelyLittleWitch explains why she has two Matrons and goes over how she made her Goddess statues. 352 more words


A-Z: Spiritual Words That Influenced My Healing – Neopagan

The Basics

Neopaganism is a series of religious beliefs, often polytheist, animistic or pantheist in nature. Although some Neopagan practices draw inspiration from pre-Christian European religions, more specifically ancient indigenous cultures, essentially all of it was dreamt up since the late 19th century. 493 more words


How and Why to Build an Altar

I have always had an altar, but I was never sure if I was really doing it ‘right’ or not. I just followed my instinct. … 74 more words


Celtic Symbols II

A while back I wrote a post on Celtic symbols. At the time I had a cold and was bored from being stuck inside for a while, so I took it as an opportunity to talk about the way symbols—particularly one symbol, the triskelion—are applied in modern “Celtic” magic, and why I think it should be changed slightly. 761 more words


A New Perspective: Plagiarism Is Against Ma'at

Back when I first wrote this post I angered a few folks.  By now, this isn’t new to me as I can’t seem to be in a Kemetic or Pagan community without stepping on someone’s toes.  562 more words