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My Fellow Americans

During the past month that I’ve been fiddling with Max v. 7, I’ve been creating an auto-spatialization algorithm. While working with various bits of sound, I organized some of the resultant sonic tidbits into this brief study, loosely arranging them into something that perhaps resembles a Stockhausen-like “moment-form”. 136 more words

Electronic Music

In Defence of Greece : Anything to do with In Defence of Youth Work?

I don’t think it’s stretching a point to argue that the outcome of the Greek crisis will have repercussions across Europe and beyond. In the end the will of the Greek people as expressed through representative democracy is at odds with the demands of the neo-liberal zealots of the Troika. 531 more words


Does Neo-Liberalism impact health inequalities? BY DANIEL CANNON

This article will suggest that health inequalities can be explained in terms of neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism. I will argue that these ideologies result in mass health inequalities in relation to the polarisation of domestic health care, relative deprivation and global health crises, whilst equally offering alternative post- modernist and right realist perspectives of health. 1,454 more words


The Corrupted Human Spirit

What economics lacks is the space to include other human sciences such as philosophy in the scope of its subject matter.  Philosophy has the grand vision that is usually lacking in economics, which is all too often a science of the minutiae of life. 1,293 more words


muslim multiculturalism

This is my response to the recent killing in France. And THIS is the reality of multiculturalism.

Jews have started leaving Europe ……and who can blame them.   40 more words


Capitalisation, Securitisation And Fraud By Mortgage Lenders

by John Hurst

To explain what “capitalisation “ is in a mortgage there are two important elements: the “balance” which is the amount which was borrowed and secondly any “arrears” and fees which accumulate in the event of a missed payment. 1,322 more words


“The Battle of Ideas” Economic Brain Waves of the Centuries: III

Predicated on the microscopic analysis of developmentalism promoted by regimes and their Nobel Prize flaunting patriarchs, real politik in currency that has effectively promoted freedom from fear and want has been put to the back burner. 187 more words