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The Deceivers

Theology with its emphasis on ‘other worldly’ experiences appears to be at the opposite end of the spectrum of thought to economics which deals with the mundanity of every day existence. 1,717 more words



The frequent negotiations between the politicians in Greece’s new government and those of the European Economic Community, have been the cause of numerous comments on the news channels here in Europe. 1,745 more words


A good lie told well, the secret of managing the economy

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What every economics student used to learn at university was how difficult it was for leaders to make policy decisions on the economy. 1,267 more words


Sentinel Edges

I have been finding the intentional acts of destroying the forms intrinsically negative acts. This is counter to my research purposes. The focus of my research is to find some equilibrium in order to sustain my identity as an artist teacher rather than wallowing in ‘what it feels like’ to be at the whim of the problematics that pose a threat to progressive education. 286 more words

MA Artist Teacher Scheme

Neo-Liberal Agenda and How They Present Three Important Challenges to Catholic Leadership.

Neo-liberalism refers to the adoption of private and social enterprise approaches to publicly funded education systems, often referred to as the new managerialism.

(Jim Gleeson, Australian Catholic University, Brisbane) 

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In the weeks and months prior to the 2015 elections in Britain, there were at least six variations on the theme of re-energising the capitalist mode of production, within these troubled Islands. 969 more words