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Oh no it's nothing...YOU'RE WELCOME...you ass hat

I’m a big fan of apartment living, it means we can fit more people in a smaller space and have better bars, clubs, shops and transport. 349 more words

GOSSIP .......Not Necessarily Fiction........

The fancy-dress party wasn’t really my ‘cup of tea’, but my cousin, Kate, had insisted that I accompany her as the  ‘+1′, the invitation had requested. 936 more words

Natural Limitation and Expansive Religious Acquisition

Since every individual and every type of civilization is in fact limited, men need to complete each other through their differences, so that all civilizations taken together and all human knowledge, may vastly extend and correspond with the indefinite and never satisfied aspirations of the human mind… Every man must… try, with the help of Christianity, to acquire the human and religious values which he cannot yet find in his cultural patrimony.
René Voillaume LBJ (1905–2003)


Happy Birthday Canada!

Nothin says Canada Day like staying home because it is cloudy, doing crafts and listening to Raffi with your friends!

We are a colourful companionable country!


Neighbour Guide - Feedback please

Good Neighbour Guide

Peter Huntbach, Older People’s Housing Manager kindly led a Know My Neighbour task group to put together a ‘Neighbourly Guide’ for residents within Brighton & Hove’s sheltered housing scheme. 65 more words

The escape artist

How do you like to wake up?

The other morning I was dream wandering around charity shops and antique markets. It was bliss. That darn alarm clock really ruined my shopping trip. 278 more words


Invasion of the G'Day Snatchers

Book: Black Swan Green

Author: David Mitchell

Music: Land Down Under

Composer/Artist: Men at Work

By the early 1980s, Australian mass-media had gained a foothold in Britain and Ireland. 377 more words