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Front Porch Living

The first time I heard the phrase “front porch living” was in grad school. I was getting a degree with an emphasis in urban education, so many of my courses looked at ways people in the inner city lived that would be different from a suburban point of view. 512 more words


4/21/15: Hearing Seagulls

why doesn’t

that half-laugh ever

become whole?



This post will be available in video format as soon as I figure out how to work Imovie, since my Final Cut Pro finally figured out I illegally downloaded it and wants an “authentication” or some bull shit. 697 more words


My South, the Way I See It

You’ll get your biscuit bought by the person
in front of you at least once in a while,
if you frequent the local breakfast drive-thru… 179 more words


New Neighbors

This week’s Carrot Ranch prompt is to write about neighbors.

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about nurturing a neighborly relationship. It can be a next-door neighbor, a neighborhood critter or a neighborly place like a schoolhouse or community garden.

152 more words

The dog and Mrs. Dim

Here is my side of a conversation I would like to have, but probably never will have:

Good morning, Mrs. Dim. You know, we’ve been neighbors for several years now. 197 more words

Miss my old neighbors from Colorado

I miss the family that lived across the cul-de-sac from our house there.  They had two great kids.  Their daughter has probably already graduated from college by now.   742 more words