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Mindset (as a man thinketh) 

I realized that at every given time, and in every situation man is always faced with two realities .i.e The same experience can be interpreted two different ways and both are true. 546 more words


I AM SORRY I STOLE THIS QUOTE FROM MY FAVOURITE ADVERT. Honestly, l am one of those really negative people you can never get used to. 705 more words


The Logies 2015 & Why Do People Need To Be So Mean?

Surely, we have all heard the saying – “if you don’t have anything nice to say then just say nothing” – haven’t we? While at times it is necessary to speak up, these days it appears that more and more people are willing to voice their negative opinions on social media. 335 more words


Taking care of business

112. Learn new aux groove☑️

Practicing bongos and congas for my upcoming audition. I’m auditioning for my schools best Jazz band of 4. (Insanely good) and I’m almost definitely getting the spot… 80 more words

The drainers (or as I like to call them,the suckers)

There is a special type of people present all around us. These people are the ones which literally suck out our energy just by spending an hour or two with them. 374 more words



And here it is, PART III as promised.

Read Part I: Hideosity and Part II: Realization here.

“I’m not surprised you could hear inner voices, because I was told that people like you existed.” 1,377 more words

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