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Free yourself

I couldn’t say it better….

There WILL come a point in your life, probably more than once, when you need to free yourself.

Always think of yourself. 12 more words


“Distance yourself from negativity or it will deplete your well of optimism.”

Heart Transplant

Which world are you in?

A number of worlds,

for me to be in.

From hell to rapture,

where do I begin.

Whichever I chose,

is what I will see, 219 more words


A Temporary Falter

Reflecting back to the times I felt lost;
Thinking back from all those tainted tars;
There has been a hole in my heart;
There has been a blot in my thought. 189 more words


Judgement and acceptance!

Continuing where I left last time, I suck at trying to motivate myself and find something nice to say about myself. It has been difficult, BUT I have still managed to keep it going till now, of course not as often or regularly as I would like. 565 more words

Shifting Our Focus

Yesterday afternoon, I took my English bulldog for a walk around the neighbourhood. With the changeable weather lately, she hadn’t been out much, and we both appreciated the chance to stretch our legs. 471 more words