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Sorry I’ve been so MIA for the last month. The first week of February was like a whirlwind as we travelled to Utah for my sister-in-law’s wedding, and the week we got back was so busy with work and babysitting and just general craziness that I fell behind with the blog and never caught back up. 531 more words


Dear Grown Men in "Toy Cars"

Hello there,
I don’t normally do this. But the severity if this constant female offense is yet another reason why I don’t feel safe walking anywhere. 216 more words


Post #2 - Self Talk

I’m numbering my posts because I hate reading blogs and not knowing which part of the story I’m at. Also, I don’t feel like making up creative titles at the moment. 218 more words


Unwell wishers

Hey everyone!

It has been a while since I have posted, and I’d like to apologize. I have been sick on and off and feeling down in the dumps. 349 more words


Dealing with depression.

Constantly feeling bad, constantly feeling tired, feeling like things will never get better, questioning your life, questioning every decision you ever made, just wanting to stay in bed and not having to deal with anything… Sound familiar? 399 more words


How Are You Hurting Other People?

I was scrolling Tumblr the other day and came across a text post that really made me think:

I really fucking hate the fact that there are rarely any posts on here that talk about how YOU can negatively affect people.

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Has current music changed society for the worst? Or is it the other way around?

Picture the first album you remember having as a kid. If you don’t remember this think of the most influential band or artist you listened to. 383 more words