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Nearpod for the classroom

Hello Everyone!

Through my education classes at Liberty University, I have found multiple ways to incorporate technology into the classroom. One of the ways I found most interesting, that you can incorporate into virtually any lesson, is Nearpod. 146 more words

  Sticking to one Topic:  How can Writers Plan and Write a 1 Paragraph Response to a Question?

This is a mini-unit I wrote several years ago.  It is targeted to a small class of 8th and 9th graders with significant reading and writing challenges.   3,371 more words


Technology Transforms Science Teacher's Classroom

Kelli Cochran teaches 6th grade Science at Nettleton Middle School.  She presented at Nettleton High School’s PD day where she shared a glimpse into how the 1:1 program has transformed her classroom. 655 more words

6 Web-based/Mobile Response Tools for Student Engagement

Just conducted a workshop today on the use of web-based/mobile response tools for students engagement and formative assessment. Here are the 6 free tools I introduced to my colleagues. 22 more words


Nearpod: Triumph from Tragedy!

It has been a solid two months since I had an operational SmartBoard in my classroom. The projector decided it had enough of this world, and went to “projector heaven.” This was probably the most inconvenient time for this to happen too, as it was right before our January 2015 midterms when I was really combing through the curriculum with my students. 876 more words


Using Nearpod in lessons

So last week I found myself preparing to film a case study for one of my assessments, my client is my manager. We have had a meeting regarding the making of it we have storyboards and other documents. 158 more words


Blog Post #1 Emerging and Future Technologies:

As I think of the technologies I use in my classroom on a daily basis few come to mind. Both I (and students) use MacBook’s. I have an LCD projector and a dongle, which displays what I have on my MacBook onto an old school projector screen. 339 more words