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Lent 2015 Photo-a-day


As a father has compassion for his children, so the Lord has compassion for those who fear him.

~Psalm 103:13


Mommy Moments

His Response

An Old testament belief and one that persists in some Christians today is the belief that bad things or trials are punishment from God.  It is true that in the Old Testament there was punishment.   247 more words

--James 1:2-4--

God is good. Don’t ever forget that. When you face trials of all sorts, consider it pure joy! God is testing your faith, and that testing produces perseverance. 21 more words


Written February 14, 2015

From across the room I can feel your heart beating. Without a glimpse my heart begins to beat faster and faster, alerting me of your presence. 140 more words


What do you think made this weird snow angel?

This strange, alien-like snow angel was discovered in the morning. It’s over 3 feet long. What do you think made it?



PMT 2015-024 by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

Occasionally, I answer questions sent to me on Facebook. One Facebook friends asked:

“If Revelation was written in AD 65-66 about events in AD 70, how could John have expected it to be widely circulated in so short a period of time?

835 more words

Does God Save Just to Bless Me?

I was reading some passages from the Bible the other day and came across Psalm 85:9. I could not help but to read it again and again to grasp what is being said there. 479 more words