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December 31st Car Crash

I was in a car accident on December 31st and I plan on sharing my incredible trials and tribulations and revelations since that fateful day.  I totalled my car and had many bumps and bruises and a bad concussion.  45 more words

Near Death's Door

I would continue to receive treatment with Interleukin-2 every 3 weeks, that would include 4 days of infusion at the cancer center.  However, in April I began to have trouble breathing.   492 more words


Things can change in an instant...but mostly they stay the same

Or change really, really slowly.

I nearly died today.  One of those moments that happens periodically, when you feel the brush of death closer than usual.   591 more words

Abysmal Musings

Two Years after Reading My Own Obituary!

It has been two years since I wrote the post below on the one year anniversary of my return from the dead!  Today is the three year anniversary of those tragic events and the ‘miracle’ that followed.   1,323 more words

Personal Thoughts

The First Time I Almost Died: Part Two

Dizzy and exhausted and so far from home, I questioned how I could possibly make it in my condition. In reality, I was no more than a mile and a half or so from my beloved Seabury Rd house (as the crow flies) at this point, but the road ahead seemed bleak and daunting. 932 more words

Urban Youth

Neighbors watch as man strips and batters wife to near death for cheating [Graphic video]

This man allegedly caught his wife cheating on him and so decided to batter her to near death while neighbors watched with their arms folded. Really sad. 190 more words


A Secret Lapse in Judgment

Part one here.

4 days. They watched over and kept my mom for four days. It felt like a month, maybe more. The first and most important task to get under control was right-sizing the medication. 904 more words