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Coalitia NATO sprijina neo-nazismul din Ucraina! Studiu amanuntit

Că NATO sprijină mişcările neonaziste din Ucraina NU mai reprezintă o noutate pentru nimeni. Doar pentru suporterii fanatici ai SUA care vorbesc de democratie cand ei vin cu distrugatoarele USS Ross si USS Ronald Cook… Voluntarii neo-nazisti din organizatiile “Sector de Dreapta”, “Batalionul AZOV” primesc instruire din partea NATO prin intermediul Ministerului National al Apararii, ai caror parteneri sunt. 504 more words

Andriy Biletsky

Hitler's chief propagandist would have been very pleased with today's Western media

Joseph Gobbles, chief propagandist for the German Third Reich of the 20th century, would have been most pleased with the media of today’s Western society’s like the U.S./U.K. 72 more words

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I would go further, and say that in Philip K Dick's "The Man in the High Castle," Hitler conquered much of the USA, and applied a final solution to the continent of Africa. Perhaps Hitler's racism has also "conquered" the career politicians who have destabilised the African nation of Libya; these same politicians who dismiss Nazism as a foregone aberration?

Moneychangers & Matchmakers. Liberal Jewish Control of Purses and Pu**ies.


Jews have long been associated with finance–banking, investment, speculation, etc. The profession that had once made Jews servile and dependent on the gentile elites of Europe and America eventually made them the lords of the world economy. 2,840 more words

Ghosts from the past

Father Coughlin knew how to use the radio and he used it to deliver his messages to millions of people. First he supported Roosevelt and the New Deal, but later… 311 more words


Would the Right Attract More Intelligent People If It Hadn't Been for Nazism?


Suppose Nazism had been aborted and the modern(secular, spiritual, and/or socialist) right hadn’t been tagged with a terrible taboo. Would there been lot more intelligent and creative people on the Right? 721 more words

On the Similarities between F.A. Hayek and William L. Shirer

I’m currently reading William L. Shirer’s famous book, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, and am enjoying it immensely. Even though the book was panned by historians when it was first published (and even more so today), it’s still a wonderful read. 1,113 more words


Let's Not Ban Mein Kampf

By the end of this year, Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf will fall out of copyright in Germany. This means that anyone will be allowed to legally reproduce the work, causing quite a debate about possible consequences. 448 more words