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Warning (告)

Hey guys.

As the title of this post says, this is a warning. The warning is : you’ll probably see less posts from me in the next week. 49 more words


Julius Evola's Political Endeavours, Pt. X

This is part of the introductory essay to the American edition of Julius Evola’s Men amid the Ruins. As the essay is very lengthy (over forty thousand words) I’ll be posting it part by part instead of cramming too much information into too small a space. 3,196 more words

Julius Evola's Political Endeavours

Saker rant: the Neocons have robbed us all from the peace we wanted so much

And now they are openly supporting the three most demonic ideologies on the planet: Daesh Takfirism, Ukro Nazism and Israeli Zionism. That such a small amount of individuals would have such a fantastic capability for evil is just amazing, and very discouraging. 

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The International Reporter

A picture speaks better than words

Compare this…

Matthew Heimbach is sitting in the center with two of his supporters wearing the Nazi-style “Traditionalist Youth Network” yellow arrow armband.

With this… 18 more words

And So, Progress is Made

I had planned to write about today’s 6/3 Supreme Court ruling that basically guarantees that Obamacare won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. At least not until people realize how basically broken it still is and we go to single payer. 1,059 more words

Current Events

Tim Hunt: treated worse than a Nazi

On a breezy December morning in 1903, humanity witnessed the first heavier-than-air manned flight. Less than 70 years later, our species made its debut on the moon. 655 more words