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Pirate Word of the Day - Disguised

From the Dictionary of Nautical, University, Gypsy and Other Vulgar Tongues first published in 1859.

Disguised: intoxicated. Household Words, No 183.

(It is sometimes tough to recognize mild-mannered friends when they’ve had a few too many.)


Slang From The 1700s

Glass Organization

Before I get into what these would be great for, are these not beautiful? I have found a bunch of amazing things that have this cracked glass effect that is either topical or molded together, it is awesome! 114 more words

Swanky Mermaid

Q is for Q-ship

During the Great War, U-boats were a truly great menace. The Admiralty, being strapped for funds, did not have the resources to organize the convoys that were so successful during the Second World War and the depth charges of 1915 were primitive and fairly ineffective. 515 more words