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Crash Bandicoot Returning To The PlayStation? (Rumor)

Earlier this week, a screenshot surfaced showing what appears to be hinting at a new Crash Bandicoot game being released this year. 229 more words


100 Word Reviews: The Last of Us

If you like crying and coming down with a severe case of feelingitis, you’ve bought the right game. The Last of Us is set on making you depressed. 80 more words

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Terrifying Tuesdays: Let's Play The Last of Us

Ever get that feeling something is watching you? Maybe hiding just out of site. Well each Tuesday we look to add to your growing fear. 96 more words


Top Ten Video Game Moments

Welcome to the first of a weekly series of ‘top tens!’ This week we’re looking at top ten video game moments. From that death in FF7 to Snake crawling through the microwave in MGS4, games have consistently provided many epic moments. 1,693 more words


Are The Minds Behind 'Dead Space' Developing A 'Star Wars' Game Starring Han Solo?

Visceral Games — the developer behind games like Dead Space and Battlefield: Hardlineis currently working on a secret Star Wars project. The company hasn’t yet officially announced what it’ll be about but the members of the development team have been dropping a bunch of hints on social media. 317 more words


May 8's Retro Game of the Week

Console: PlayStation
Original Release Date: 31/08/1996

Way back in 1996, Sony Computer Entertainment published a platforming game about an orange bandicoot with blue shorts and a tornado-like spin who has a penchant for Wumpa fruit and foiling the plans of a big-headed (in every sense of the word) scientist called Neo Cortex. 955 more words


The Last of Us: Left Behind set to release as standalone DLC.

You played Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us on PS3, but have since made the upgrade to PS4? You have sold your PS3 or it is just so much hassle to plug it back in? 186 more words