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A "WOW" moment...

I week ago today I was sat watching the eclipse of the sun. People were gathered in the park, sat on benches with their eyes to the sky. 337 more words
Nature's Beauty

Look around..

Put down that camera,
Put down that paintbrush,
That pencil,
And look around.

Just simply look around- look around at all nature’s beauty that surrounds you. 15 more words

Setting Sun : Hellos and Goodbyes

Magical display of nature’s beauty.

Romantic hues that stretch across the horizons.

Fading warmth.

Flickering radiance.

Everything seems to end with the setting of the sun. 73 more words


Solar Eclipse 2015

Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Date: 20.03.2015

Natures Beauty

Five Cool Locales to Help Beat the Heat

We’re almost at the end of March and summer in Pune has officially begun!

Now if you’re thinking that summer means trips to the beach, more time outdoors and a golden tan, think again! 782 more words


Has spring sprung?

Here are a few images that I took yesterday in my garden having been partly inspired by the photography on show at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award at the Natural History Museum. 75 more words


Green, It Bursts From Barren Bone

Green, it bursts from barren bone,

Winter’s skeleton it heals.

Buds like sequins brightly shone,

Nature’s attention it steals.


Grey and dull against sleet and snow, 75 more words