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Ultem 1000 Polyetherimide Sheet, Natural, FDA & USP Class VI Compliant, 1/8" Thickness, 12" Width, 12" Length

The opaque Natural PEI sheet has a standard tolerance and meets American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM D5205 PEI0113 specifications. PEI (polyetherimide) is a strong, rigid plastic that withstands high temperatures and offers excellent electrical insulation over a wide range of

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Importance Of Holi Festival

The festival of colours – Holi is celebrated in the season of Vasant. It is the time when winter ends and summer commences.  As a consequence of these seasonal changes, the intensity of disease spread increases significantly. 563 more words


sunday's recipe: diy hand sanitizer

there is a lot of discussion these days around the topic of hand sanitizers and germs. in my opinion, i would rather use essential oils to clean my hands over chemicals that are found in your typical hand sanitizers. 150 more words


Natural Products for Natural Healing

Did you know that some people didn’t know they already have diabetes or cancer? We can’t deny that the number of patients suffering from diseases like these is increasing. 135 more words

Natural Products

Paña... que?


Si bien es un poco complicado elegir la marca para nuestros bebés, la mayoría de las veces seguimos con la marca que le ponen en el hospital, pero otras veces decidimos cambiarlos ya sea por economizar o ponerle algo mejor o porque el pañal le causa dermatitis, eso en desechables… pero sabías que existen pañales de tela híbridos o biodegradables? 302 more words


My Natural Cold Remedy Experiment

A few weeks ago, I came down with a cold. I had severe sinus and chest congestion, along with a wet cough. At the onset of my illness, I did what I usually do, I went   out and spent about $40.00 on over the counter medications to cover up my symptoms. 440 more words