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Big Bang, Deflated? Universe May Have Had No Beginning

A really interesting article that discusses some contemporary problems in Physics and gives us some insights into how science works.

“There are other problems brewing in physics — namely, that the two most dominant theories, quantum mechanics and general relativity, can’t be reconciled.” 6 more words

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My Depressing Day With A Famous Climate Skeptic

What does this article tell us about how knowledge is constructed in the natural sciences? What makes scientific research “good”? What ethical concerns arise when being paid for your scientific work? 121 more words


Behind New Dietary Guidelines, Better Science

“Use of these types of studies happens far more often than we would like, leading to dietary guidelines that may not be based on the best available evidence. 44 more words

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When the Government Tells You What to Eat

“Since the very first nutritional guidelines to restrict saturated fat and cholesterol were released by the American Heart Association in 1961, Americans have been the subjects of a vast, uncontrolled diet experiment with disastrous consequences. 25 more words

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Verbal Warming: Labels in the Climate Debate

Interesting piece that focuses on the power of language and labels when framing a debate and characterizing your position on an issue. Why does it matter whether a person is called a “skeptic” or “denier?” Even if the arguments don’t change, the labels have a powerful influence on characterizing their positions and affecting the way they are perceived. 34 more words

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UMASS Amherst no longer excepting Iranian nationals into graduate programs in chemical, computer, and mechanical engineering or the natural sciences

Boston Globe: The University of Massachusetts Amherst told students this week that it will no longer accept Iranian nationals into graduate programs in chemical, computer, and mechanical engineering or the natural sciences, to avoid violating US sanctions against Iran. 76 more words

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Dinosaur Dreaming @ Eric the Red West 2015.

Last week I travelled to Cape Otway to help find fossils. The dig went for a total of three weeks and I was part of the second week team. 385 more words