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Like a Summer Blockbuster, Oil Spills and Hurricanes Can Take the Nation by Storm

From Twister and The Perfect Storm to The Day After Tomorrow, storms and other severe weather often serve as the dramatic backdrop for popular movies. Some recent movies, such as the… 925 more words

Oil Spills

Texas Rain and God's Judgment

At one point during all the rain events, the report went out that the Muslims were claiming all the rain was due to Allah pouring out his wrath upon the state of Texas for the recent “drawing Mohamed contest.” I know that some might have been tempted to agree, but we must remember a few things concerning the Triune God’s wrath and Allah’s wrath. 1,205 more words

Biblical Truth

Here's What Seismologists Have to Say About the Science of 'San Andreas'

The earthquakes at the center of San Andreas, the Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson disaster movie that hits theaters Friday, are so powerful that they seem to destroy anything and everything across the state of California. 723 more words

FEMA Issues 2015 National Preparedness Report

On May 28, FEMA released the 2015 National Preparedness Report (NPR). The NPR is an annual status report summarizing the Nation’s progress toward reaching the 2011 National Preparedness Goal of a secure and resilient nation. 339 more words

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Hebgen Lake

Stop five, we got to see some house destruction from the same 1959 earthquake. Two buildings were completely destroyed and one building was dumped into the lake due to the earthquake.

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McLeod: When disaster strikes us down, love brings us back up

By Tamara McLeod

Nobody ever thinks they’re going to be involved in a natural disaster. We hear about devastating things all the time in the news and we see unfathomable tragedy in movies and television, but the subtle agreement we’re all subconsciously acting on is that “it’s not going to happen to me.” 628 more words


An Interlude

Merely popping in here to say that the Australian adventure is underway, or at least in its larval stage. I’m currently sitting in the LAX airport, just under four hours from taking off for Sydney, via New Zealand. 352 more words