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The Senate’s Excuses for Reauthorizing Section 215–and Why They’re Wrong

By Mark Jaycox | EFF | May 19, 2015

Three provisions of the Patriot Act expire on June 1 and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is trying to delay taking action on the issue by…

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The Freedom lovers in the US House of Representatives recently voting against the Freedom-loving National Security Agency’s wholesale data collection of domestic phone calls—where both of whom justify their actions by professing their desires for American citizens to enjoy… 1,334 more words


Renew the Patriot Act

Congress is debating whether to renew the USA Patriot Act.  This legislation has, on balance, successfully prevented the U.S. from being attacked on a large scale by Islamist terrorists since 9/11.   705 more words

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Pew: Most Americans don't trust private companies or government agencies with their data

Pew reports that a majority of Americans (roughly 65 percent) believe there are inadequate restrictions on government data collection. Many others have also complained about the amount of data held by online advertisers, social sites, video streaming services, search companies, and other online service providers. 425 more words


"The Patriot Act Fight Enters The Twilight Zone": Naturally, The Legislature Is In A State Of Disarray

Congress is up against a tight deadline to extend or reform Section 215 of the Patriot Act, the provision that the government claims authorizes the National Security Agency’s phone data program, before it sunsets on June 1. 620 more words


Paul Seizes Senate Floor To Deliver Over Ten Hour Filibuster Against Patriot Act

Republican presidential candidate Senator Rand Paul Seized the Senate floor Wednesday to deliver an almost 11 hour-long protest against renewal of the Patriot Act, calling the post-Sept. 713 more words

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Sen. Mike Lee picks up unexpected friends in fight against NSA surveillance

WASHINGTON — Once again, Utah’s junior senator is confounding the Washington establishment with an unusual assortment of allies and foes.

Senator Mike Lee is supporting a filibuster on the Senate floor, and he’s working with the most senior Democrat in the Senate to drastically change the bill that allows the National Security Agency to gather phone records of all Americans. 189 more words