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China's protectionism intensifies in defiance of WTO rules: world's leading technology brands dropped from approved state purchase lists

China has dropped some of the world’s leading technology brands from its approved state purchase lists, while approving thousands more locally made products, in what some say is a response to revelations of widespread Western cybersurveillance. 932 more words


[VIDEO] Meet the Department of the Internet! We'll be Handling the Internet You Love, but at the Speed of Government

Meet the Department of the Internet! We’ll be handling the Internet you love, but at the speed of government. https://t.co/xDIjKdpete

— Dept. Of Internet (@Dept_Internet) February 23, 2015


Hillary Rodham Clinton Talks NSA, Presidential Aspirations With Kara Swisher

Americans feel “betrayed” by the revelations of the National Security Agency’s surveillance activities and it needs to be more transparent, Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday at a gathering of female Silicon Valley executives, in a conversation that touched on issues from gender discrimination to her presidential aspirations. 792 more words


Putin on Snowden: Russia not kind of country which gives up those who fight for human rights

Published on Feb 23, 2015

The US is to blame for whistleblower Edward Snowden ending up in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday. “ arrived at our transit zone and later it was explained that no one wanted him … And they scared everyone, and he ended up in our transit zone. 212 more words


Amid Nuclear Talks With Iran, U.S.-Iran Cyber War Escalates

By Lauren Webster
Huffington Post

U.S.-IRAN CYBER WAR ESCALATES DESPITE TALKS “A newly disclosed National Security Agency document illustrates the striking acceleration of the use of cyberweapons by the United States and Iran against each other, both for spying and sabotage, even as Secretary of State John Kerry and his Iranian counterpart met in Geneva to try to break a stalemate in the talks over Iran’s disputed nuclear program.” 484 more words

Nowhere To Hide For The “Enemy of the State”

Enemy of the State[1], a 1998 movie featuring Will Smith, Gene Hackman and Jon Voight[2], expounds the idea that an unsuspicious citizen has nowhere to hide when the Surveillance State turns its preying eyes on him. 592 more words

Surveillance State

State Terrorists Infiltrating Billions of Cell Phones

Posted on February 21, 2015
Robert Barsocchini

State terrorists from the organizations that committed the worst crime of the 21st century thus far, the illegal invasion of Iraq, have also hacked into and can “secretly monitor a large portion of the world’s cellular communications”, as  106 more words