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9th Grade Science Project Fiasco

“9th grade science class.

My science teacher and my peers all thought of me as a good student, and I was doing well…in everything in my life at that point, pretty much. 311 more words


Please Hire Me

To escape the blazing weather of Silicon Valley, it is about 92 degrees right now, my cousin and I hide away in the newly built library near my grandmother’s house. 198 more words


The Partition: British narrative

British narrative on the Partition of India and Pakistan http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/modern/partition1947_01.shtml #narrative #india #pakistan #partition #area


Reservoir Blogs #1

Last night the thunderstorms were terrific.  We all know it must be summer in England, and the fact that it’s raining, lets us know that Wimbledon fortnight must be upon us.   638 more words

Creative Writing

Invoke(Rant) - Ep 02 - Immersion

The topic of this episode is immersion in games.  Have you ever thought about the immersive quality of a game while playing it?  Paul and I do, all the time. 121 more words


Independence Day, The Elite, and It's What's For Dinner

In the early days of what grew to be this great and wondrous land of liberty, The United States of America, our founding fathers – God bless their righteous path – found this magnificent nation on a principle. 1,123 more words

Animal Rights


There were a couple of images that I made on that long hot walk from Purgatory that have been playing on my mind. I’m not sure why, but here they are. 84 more words