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Flashback Narrative

Has anyone figured out how to cope with flashbacks by examining their narrative? My worsts flashbacks involve being attacked by mom or dad. In either case, “he s killing me!” or “she s going to kill us!” is the narrative, aka the only thought in my head as my fear cascades. 46 more words

Clint Mansell: Visual soundtracks

Clint Mansell is a talented film composer whose soundtracks work as a narrative telling device, which complement the director in establishing mood and tension in the film. 198 more words


The case for Eve

I drew this portrait just over a year ago, I wanted to do something really quick, as fast as could. It worked out about four minutes, then I left it as it was, without the usual tweaking that never really comes to an end. 445 more words


Life Narratives: Construction & Destruction

It’s no secret that people are exposed to society’s pressures.  From a young age, we’re taught our routines, pushed to paint this picture of our future and start paving the path.   347 more words


Breaking Bad: The Doorway and The Character Arc

Breaking Bad, known for its strong use of visual story telling, uses the door of anti-hero Walter’s family home as a crucial component in showing milestones in his character arc.This a particular focus on Walter’s birthday as he enters through the front door allowing a combination of lighting, make up and character colour pallet to portray the changes in character over a set time line. 249 more words


Video Games and Screen as a Membrane

Video games have rapidly grown over the past two decades to become one of the biggest storytelling platforms in the world. From humble beginnings with the introduction of arcade gaming developed by Atari in the early 1970’s before the redevelopment into console (Dreamcast, Nintendo/Super Nintendo/Nintendo 64) and computer based gaming in the late 80’s and early 90’s. 762 more words


work log, 5/25/15

Onto page 20.. also posted a wine review to blog, but I see so much for this character, his decisions and what he wants to build and how he’s to build it. 288 more words