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Power to the People

Youth Sunday: It is important to choose the narrative by which you will live your life, and make certain it feeds you and your community. 9 more words


Pity the Fool

Dear Alese,

Sometimes I tend to feel unlovable. It’s like no one knows what’s it like to walk inside my head and see life in the bleak contrast I do, and it’s fuckin’ ridiculous because that’s isn’t who I aim to be, but’s it’s a part of who I am and I rather keep that side under the wraps permanently than let anyone call me out on it. 375 more words


Practicing Yoga in My Bathroom Mirror

There’s an old woman with golden skin
and if you look deep enough
into her old woman eyes
you will find an aged soul,
bronzed as a statue of a little girl. 97 more words



oil on canvas, 30″ x 40″  ||  sold  ||  purchase prints

from the War Paint series, model: Linda Regula

“I was born in the mountains of West Virginia, second youngest of nine children. 169 more words



He was fresh and he was whole.

His acting career had ended with a dramatic role!

He now walked on sand of a beach.

There were no footprints left that he could be reached.

124 more words
After Life

Freeway Funk

Leslie had never wanted to drive on the freeway. She never wanted to go that fast. She didn’t ski, she didn’t bike, she didn’t rollerblade for the same reason. 250 more words

Medicine from the heart

It strikes me that the practice of Medicine (I’m specifically referring to the world of Medicine for humans here), begins and ends with a relationship between human beings. 962 more words

From The Dark Room