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A tale of two women: reclaiming the Purim narrative

This guest post is written by Nechama L. Content note for mention of sexual coercion / assault

The holiday of Purim, beginning this evening at sundown, has always been one of my favorite holidays.  1,028 more words


Let me tell you a story...

…about a little pebble in a large garden. This particular pebble wanted to be big: a rock – nay, a boulder. Each day, she rolled around in the mud, hoping it would make her bigger, but all it did was soil her- in ever sense of the word. 655 more words


Morange - Where Did That Word Go?

At school I had a friend called Bernie, and she had really, really red hair.

I was always super jealous of it too, because I had very straight, very brown hair and hers was beautiful and curly and such a brilliant colour. 357 more words

Kingdoms and Politics

“Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.”

Granted. This post backs up one short phrase from last week’s thoughts on praying for the kingdom to come over all the earth, and not just over our tiny corner thereof. 429 more words


I would have danced

I suppose, if someone were to ask me what my perfect weekend would look like, I’d describe the one I just had. Although, ideally, my friend wouldn’t have been angry, and I’d be living in London, or Paris, and at brunch I would have danced. 113 more words


30: A Terrible Benevolence

Maybe it’s just the shivering carb-coma of winter, when, at least in the aging infrastructure of this particular body, every joint, system, and urge seems creakier and more viscous in its operations. 2,458 more words


Stories are what happen when we’re busy living. There was a man who used to collect the rubbish every fortnight. He got sick, so he’s not here today. 86 more words