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Simulations and Interactivity

Lets start with how we define Simulation. A simulation is something that represents something else — it isn’t the real thing. At times you might perform a simulation as practice for real life, such as a flight simulation that’s used to train pilots (vocabulary.com). 439 more words


Quick change to blog

This blog started as a look at sights of Gainesville, Fla. The blog’s coverage is expanding to include anywhere I go.

You from now and into the future will see sights from Alabama to Washington, Aberdeen to Zephyrhills. 28 more words


A Pale Shadow of A POLTERGEIST

The original POLTERGEIST was said to have a curse attached to it.  Perhaps because the producers opted to use real skeletons rather than models because they were cheaper. 530 more words


Ponlo alli

There was a time when the history of men wasn’t to tell the truth.  In for sooth I was inspired by the looks of other women to help me improve so that I wouldn’t look like you.   49 more words


tangential history

arroz con carne

carne asada

algo para sostener el apetito

Pero si no tienes hambre

–no comes de gula

I had a good day at work today daughter… 16 more words


Queen of the Shepts - Four

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The woman had already found a chair as the man entered her inner room, he was moments behind, having secured the door, and she had taken the opportunity to gain control and presence in the room.   549 more words


The Dance- A Brief Narrative

The Dance
by Deborah Finnegan

The little boat groaned and shuddered, sails snapping in the wind as a boy clung to its rigging like a drowning cat.   376 more words