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How I Find the Right Drug Rehab?

Important things to consider when finding the right drug rehab.

How do I find the right drug rehab? When you are ready to stop your drug or alcohol abuse finding the right drug rehab program is the first step in the process. 501 more words

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Predictions about Legalizing Recreational Use of Marijuana

In a recent report, it is estimated that 18 new states may choose to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in the next 5 years. 545 more words

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Narconon Fresh Start is an All-Inclusive Drug Rehab Program

As an all-inclusive drug rehab program clients only need to bring their clothing, personal hygiene products and perhaps their music and reading material to the rehab center; everything else is provided for them in their admission fee. 355 more words

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Why 12-Step Recovery Isn’t Right for Everyone

There are many who praise the benefits of 12-step recovery programs; for those who do not find sobriety through 12-step meetings there are other more effective options available these days. 593 more words

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Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

Through the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program graduates learn to handle life clean and sober.

The decent into drug addiction or alcoholism often happens gradually. 368 more words

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Drugged Driving

Drugged drivers are a serious public safety and health threat that must be addressed.

Over the past several decades there has been an increased focus on drunk driving and the many dangerous associated with it. 332 more words

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Heroin Addiction on the Rise

Nearly every state has seen an increase in heroin addiction cases as addicts are switching from costly and hard to come by prescription drugs to heroin. 442 more words

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