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Ancient 263 Year Old Loan is finally paid off by Government...

In every political debate we are reminded about the huge debts currently being paid off by the Government which were left by Labour’s last term in situ. 134 more words

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The King’s German legion

In 1803, the short lived Peace of Amiens came to an end when the French, under Napoleon, declared war on Great Britain.  The Napoleonic War was to last until 1814 when Napoleon was finally defeated by Allied armies including the Austrians, Russians, Prussians and British and abdicated.   290 more words

British Army

Book Corner - December 2014 (1)

In These Times – Jenny Uglow

Julian Clary used to think there was nothing better than settling down with a Trollope of an evening. For me there is nothing better than going on holiday with the latest Jenny Uglow and fortunately this came out in electronic format – in hard back it weighs in at 752 pages and runs to 60 chapters – two days before my holiday. 534 more words


Black Powder War

The golden mid-morning sun blazed in the sky casting the verdant European countryside in an amber glow. The sound of birdsong and the chirp of insects drifted lazily along the pleasant breeze, the glory of God’s creation was evident everywhere one looked. 1,812 more words


Coming Soon! Spaghetti Western Trailers: "Seven Jackals" (1974)

Here is the trailer for the 1974 film Seven Jackals, directed by Jose Luis Madrid. Having just come across this trailer, I am pretty excited about the movie but have been unable to find a copy so far. 101 more words


Battle of the Chippewa, July, 1814- when Cousin Jonathan finally received some respect

This coming Christmas Eve the United States and Great Britain will be celebrating the end of the War of 1812. It was on December 24th, 1814 that the two powers signed the Treaty of Ghent that ended the conflict. 2,162 more words


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Excellent blog post about the Battle of the Chippewa 200 years ago from Bruce at History Stuff That Interests Me.

Faith makes us bigger than our problems

There’s a saying that ‘the beginning of anxiety is the end of faith, and the beginning of faith is the end of anxiety. One Easter during the Napoleonic Wars the French General Massena with eighteen thousand soldiers laid siege to an Austrian town. 100 more words