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* new work up at the inflectionist review

Just a quick post to announce the latest issue of The Inflectionist Review which includes four of my new Naos poems: “Naos Explains Memory,” “Naos Explains Ghosts,” “Naos Explains X,” & “Naos and Who He Would Pray To.” This issue also features work by Kate Soules, Julia Webb, and a special interview and feature on Kelli Allen along with other fine work. 62 more words

Antichrist Chronicles - Is A Rebuilt Temple On God's Agenda?


According to popular prophecy teaching, the antichrist, an evil political figure, who will come out of one of the great world powers, (thought at one time to be from the European Union, the ten horns of Daniel 7:7) will appear on the world’s stage at some time during the great tribulation. 907 more words


God Tabernacles With Humans

In the Bible God often uses imagery, figurative language, symbolism, to create a mood and convey deeper meaning.  We can spend a lifetime reading the Bible, searching out all the gems therein.  3,162 more words


The Parthenon: Architecture

Now that we’ve discussed the colourful history of the Parthenon we will move onto a quick introduction on its architecture. I’ll also be introducing several terms and phrases that are commonly used in discussions of Greek art and architecture. 829 more words